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Heartwarming Moment: Labrador Discovers Baby’s Kicks in Mom-To-Be’s Tummy

labrador discovers baby's kicks in mom-to-be's tummy

Heartwarming Moment: Labrador Discovers Baby’s Kicks in Mom-To-Be’s Tummy


Welcoming a new member to the family comes with its own set of challenges, and for pet owners, preparing their furry friends for the arrival of a baby is an important step.

In a heart-melting moment captured on TikTok, a Labrador named Lany showed an adorable reaction when she felt her owner’s baby kicks for the first time.

Labrador’s Tender Discovery

In a TikTok video shared by @renaegraves on March 4, the Labrador, named Lany, was peacefully resting her head on owner Renae Graves’ stomach. Little did she know that this quiet moment would soon be interrupted by the magical sensation of the baby’s kicks.

Lany’s eyes widened with amazement as the baby made its presence felt, marking the first time the Labrador experienced such a phenomenon. The emotional reaction of Lany brought tears to Graves’ eyes, setting the stage for a heartwarming journey ahead.

A Caption That Speaks Volumes

The accompanying caption on the TikTok video encapsulates the profound emotions of this unique encounter: “I can’t wait for them to be best friends.” Screenshots from the video depict Lany’s wide-eyed astonishment, capturing the essence of this precious moment.

Preparing Furry Friends for a New Arrival

The Importance of Pet Adjustment

Parents-to-be often face the challenge of ensuring their pets are comfortable with the impending arrival of a newborn. Lany’s calm and sweet reaction served as a source of comfort for Graves, who expressed gratitude for the Labrador’s gentle nature, especially around other small nieces and nephews.

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“Preparing pets for the arrival of a new baby is crucial,” suggests Graves. This preparation may include playing baby sounds, walking around with a doll, or even introducing items with the baby’s scent.

Viral TikTok Fame

The heartwarming TikTok video quickly gained widespread attention, amassing 5.8 million views, 1.2 million likes, and 3,161 comments as of the latest count. Viewers were captivated by Lany’s sweet and gentle demeanor, predicting that she would make an excellent big sister to the anticipated arrival.

  • “The way she doesn’t move,” one viewer pointed out, emphasizing Lany’s natural gentleness.
  • Another viewer marveled at Lany’s expressive eyebrows and ears, commenting on her beauty.
  • A third user noted the sweetness of how pets seem to instinctively know about the upcoming changes in the family dynamic.

Anticipating a New Chapter

Graves, expressing her excitement, remarked, “We are beyond excited for the baby girl to have an instant bestie when she gets here.” The sentiment echoed by viewers reinforces the idea that pets can play a crucial role in creating a harmonious family environment.


The heartwarming interaction between Lany and the unborn baby serves as a testament to the special bond that can exist between pets and their human families.

As parents prepare for the arrival of their little ones, these moments of connection remind us of the joyous journey that awaits.

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