Family of Abandoned Great Pyrenees Dogs Finds Hope and Love in California

Abandoned Great Pyrenees Dogs Finds Hope

Family of Abandoned Great Pyrenees Dogs Finds Hope and Love in California


In the heart of Upper Lake, California, an unexpected and heartwarming encounter unfolded, as a family of Great Pyrenees dogs found their way into Rebecka Walters’ backyard.

This remarkable story of resilience and compassion began when Walters discovered these five dogs, abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets.

It’s a tale that has touched the hearts of millions, spreading hope and love across the internet.

A Heartfelt Rescue Mission

Rebecka Walters, a compassionate animal lover, took to TikTok to share the poignant moment when this family of five Great Pyrenees dogs came into her life.

The dogs, it became evident, had not escaped from a loving home; instead, they had been left to roam the streets, facing uncertainty and hardship. The poignant caption overlaid on the video simply stated: “Their owner abandoned them.”

The video, posted on January 8, quickly gained tremendous attention, amassing over 1.5 million views and more than 260,000 likes at the time of writing.

The footage portrays the dogs desperately seeking Walters’ attention as they jump up at the gate where they were discovered.

Subsequent clips capture the white canines, albeit mostly dirty, basking in the affection and care showered upon them. The onscreen text affectionately describes them as “the absolute sweetest.”

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Recognizing that the dogs needed urgent care, Walters identified ear infections and a flea infestation among them. Fortunately, she had extra space on her farm, allowing her to provide refuge for the family in her barn. Walters noted that they were “exhausted from traveling for days.”

A Compassionate Response

The following day, Walters administered flea, worm, and tick medication to the dogs, supplementing it with an abundance of love and care.

She shared her determination, writing, “They deserve to live long, happy lives,” and expressed her hopes of finding them forever homes.

The heartfelt video elicited an outpouring of support and compassion, with over 4,500 people leaving comments. Many echoed a common sentiment, urging that the family of dogs should stay together.

One comment passionately appealed, “Please keep them. I’m begging you on behalf of all the internet, they found YOU!!” Another advocate for unity stated, “Keep them all together; they’re a lil family.”

Thriving Amidst Love and Care

A week later, the dogs continue to flourish under Walters’ care. She has come to understand their unique personalities and dynamics.

On January 11, she shared another video emphasizing her commitment to their happiness and well-being, whether they remain together or are adopted separately.

Walters explained the possibility of adopting the dogs out separately, despite receiving offers to take them all. She observed “strong pack behaviors” among them, including instances of aggression.

The mother dog assumed the role of the alpha, occasionally restricting the male and puppies’ access to food.

Additionally, Walters learned that the male may not be the father of the puppies, suggesting they might have originated from a breeding farm.

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In light of these insights, Walters emphasized that her “number one goal is to make sure the dogs don’t go back there and that this breeding stops.”

This heartwarming tale of rescue, compassion, and determination serves as a testament to the power of kindness and love in transforming the lives of our faithful canine companions.

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