Hilarious Moment: Dog Faces -40°C Cold Snap in Alberta, Canada

Dog Faces -40°C Cold Snap in Alberta

Hilarious Moment: Dog Faces -40°C Cold Snap in Alberta, Canada


In the frozen depths of northern Alberta, Canada, a heartwarming yet comical scene unfolded when Tony Nick and his trusty rescue dog braved bone-chilling -40°C temperatures.

This remarkable moment was captured in a viral video that garnered laughter and awe from millions across the globe.

The Decision to Brave the Cold

Tony Nick, a courageous dog owner, documented the humorous encounter and shared it on his TikTok account, @tonynicko. In the video, Nick’s eager dog stands by the back door, clearly excited about the prospect of going outside.

“Wanna go outside hey? OK,” he cheerfully remarks as he opens the door, revealing a world blanketed in thick snow and icy winds.

However, the moment the frigid air rushes in, the dog has an instant change of heart and retreats swiftly back into the warmth of the house. Nick can be heard laughing as the canine displays a hilarious moment of decision-making.

The text accompanying the video humorously reads, “POV: Your dog has to pee but it’s -40 outside.”

A Viral Sensation

This heartwarming yet amusing video struck a chord with viewers, amassing an astonishing 20.7 million views. In another video on his account, Nick shares an icy walk with his dog, describing her as a mix of “50% malinois, 25% Staffie, and then equal parts malamute, St. Bernard, and border collie.”


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In this second video, Nick mentions, “My dog can only tolerate about, I don’t know, a five-minute walk before her paws get too cold.” He explains that his dog’s tolerance for the cold could be extended if she kept her booties on, but unfortunately, she has other plans.

Addressing Concerns and Conditions

Concerned viewers commented on the need for a jacket and boots for the dog. Nick responded, assuring everyone that his dog is well taken care of.

He explained, “For people commenting about her needing a coat or booties, trust me, she’s fine. When it’s THAT cold, we go out for only a few minutes.”

Nick further elaborated on the challenging weather conditions in Alberta, where average daily lows in January reach -20°C (-4°F). He maintains his house at a comfortable 20-21°C (68-70°F) with forced air natural gas heating.

Alberta’s Record-Breaking Cold Snap

The province of Alberta, located in western Canada, made headlines due to its record-breaking cold temperatures. The Weather Network reported, “In Alberta, temperatures revisited levels last witnessed a generation ago on Sunday morning.”

Keg River experienced a record low of -51.5°C, marking Canada’s second -50°C reading of the season and Alberta’s third in two decades.

The city of Edmonton in Alberta hadn’t seen an overnight low of -40°C since 1972, according to the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).

The extreme weather conditions put significant strain on Alberta’s infrastructure, with surges in demand for electricity and a sharp increase in roadside assistance requests.

A Reaction that Touched Hearts

The rescue dog’s humorous reaction to the extreme cold certainly resonated with viewers. One user commented, “Nevermind, I’ll hold it, rofl,” while another humorously likened the experience to “opening the freezer door.”

It’s a reminder that even in the most challenging conditions, humor and heartwarming moments can emerge, making us appreciate the resilience and quirks of our beloved pets.

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