Chatty Pomeranian Steals Hearts: Sasha Wins Pet of the Week

Sasha Wins Pet of the Week

Chatty Pomeranian Steals Hearts: Sasha Wins Pet of the Week


In the realm of heartwarming and adorable pet content, this week’s Newsweek Pet of the Week stands out with her charm and chit-chat.

Sasha, a vivacious 4-year-old Pomeranian, has not only stolen the hearts of her owner, Heather Petersen, but she’s also won the prestigious title of Pet of the Week.

Sasha’s unique talent? She’s a chatterbox, and she loves to chat her way into the limelight.

Sasha the Chatty Pomeranian Takes the Crown

Sasha’s bubbly personality and penchant for conversation set her apart from the competition, making her the clear choice for the Pet of the Week title.

What Makes Sasha the Pomeranian So Special?

Sasha’s owner, Heather Petersen, describes her as “the best lap dog you could ever ask for.” But it’s Sasha’s extraordinary talent for talking back to her owner that truly sets her apart. In a delightful video, Sasha showcases her personality by seemingly responding to every question thrown her way.

Conversations with a Pomeranian

Sasha’s vocal skills aren’t limited to casual chit-chat. According to Petersen, Sasha turns into a part-wolf when she gets excited, particularly when she hears about her favorite activities. This lovable Pomeranian isn’t afraid to express her joy through joyful howling.

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What Are Sasha’s Favorite Pastimes?

Besides her gift of the gab, Sasha also enjoys picking up her sister—Heather’s daughter—from school. Her excitement during these outings often leads to her endearing howling sessions.

When she’s not engaged in conversation or fetching her sister, Sasha loves cuddles and follows her owner around the house.

sasha wins pet of the week

Finalists That Deserve a Shoutout

While Sasha takes center stage as the Pet of the Week, let’s not forget the fantastic finalists that captured our hearts.

Who Are the Other Finalists?

  • Coby and Junior: Chihuahua mixes owned by Grant Kolling, these canine pals enjoy daily walks in California and thrilling camping adventures in the wilderness.
  • Willow: A Yorkie and Chihuahua mix residing in Canada with Diane Labelle. Willow’s favorite pastime? Chasing squirrels with unmatched grace.
  • Emma, Luna, and Dexter: This trio of lovable dogs lives with the Utley family in New Jersey, bringing extra love and joy to their household. These playful pups are almost a year old and share a passion for toys, food, and, of course, barking.


Sasha, the talkative Pomeranian, has earned her rightful place as the Pet of the Week, thanks to her charming conversations and boundless personality.

While she may be the star of the show, the other finalists—Coby, Junior, Willow, Emma, Luna, and Dexter—also deserve a round of applause for their unique qualities and the joy they bring to their owners’ lives.

If you’re eager to see your furry friend in the Pet of the Week lineup, stay tuned for our instructions at the end of this article to find out how to make it happen.

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