Adopted Dog’s Heartwarming Secret: Cuddling Smaller Pups Like ‘His Babies’

Adopted Dog's Heartwarming Secret

Adopted Dog’s Heartwarming Secret: Cuddling Smaller Pups Like ‘His Babies’


Unmasking the Soft Side of Pit Bull-Labrador Mix, Briggs

Dogs may sometimes appear tough on the outside, but deep within, many harbor a secret affection for cuddles. This heartwarming story revolves around Briggs, a remarkable pit bull-labrador mix with a penchant for surprising cuddle sessions.

A Rescued Hero

Briggs is not just any dog; he’s a rescue dog who shares his home with a Boston terrier and a pug. At first glance, the stark contrast in size between Briggs and his smaller counterparts might lead you to think that they wouldn’t get along, let alone engage in cuddles.

But, as it turns out, these two pint-sized pups hold a special place in Briggs’ heart, as affectionately described by the owner, known as ‘@goth_pack’ on TikTok.

“His Babies”

In a heartwarming December 5 TikTok video, Briggs’s owner captioned the scene, referring to the Boston terrier and pug as “his babies.” Little did we know that this clip would serve as undeniable proof of Briggs’ undeniable love for cuddling.

In the video, we witness Briggs blissfully reclining on the couch with his two adorable “babies.” The pug finds a cozy spot resting on his back, while the Boston terrier curls up near his stomach. It’s a heart-melting moment that showcases the incredible bond shared between these unlikely friends.

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TikTok users couldn’t contain their excitement, with one commenting, “They’ve got their big teddy bear.” Another chimed in, “That’s the best cuddle puddle EVER.”

The Evidence of Love

Newsweek sought additional insights via TikTok, shedding light on this extraordinary dog’s heartwarming story. Briggs proves that love knows no boundaries, defying size and breed expectations to enjoy the warmth of companionship.

Dogs and Cuddling: A Complex Relationship

While Briggs’s story exemplifies the affectionate side of dogs, it’s essential to recognize that not all canines are equally enthusiastic about cuddles. Just like humans, dogs possess individual preferences when it comes to physical affection.

The Right Breed for Cuddle Lovers

If you’re in search of a furry friend that will happily snuggle up with you, consider choosing a dog breed known for its affectionate nature. However, it’s crucial to remember that even within these breeds, the level of cuddliness can vary from one dog to another.

Reader’s Digest has compiled a list of some of the most affectionate dog breeds:

1. Great Dane

2. Pug

3. Golden Retriever

4. Dachshund

5. Alaskan Klee Kai

6. Boxer

7. Rottweiler

8. Newfoundland

9. Bichon Frise

10. Pit Bulls

11. Jack Russell Terriers

The Science of Cuddling

Cuddling is not only reserved for humans; it’s deeply ingrained in a dog’s nature. According to the National Canine Research Association of America, both humans and dogs thrive on physical touch.

Dog moms cuddle their puppies to provide warmth and security, and dogs, in general, cherish the affection they receive because they are pack animals that abhor isolation.

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While not all dogs may be as openly affectionate as Briggs, it’s heartening to know that dogs, in their own unique ways, seek attention and the warmth of companionship.

Each dog brings its personality and quirks, making the bond between humans and their furry friends a beautiful and diverse tapestry of love.

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