A Complete Guide To All The Parrots In The World

South American Parrots

A Complete Guide To All The Parrots In The World


A Complete Guide To All The Parrots in the World provides readers with first-hand insights into the biology and ecology of each species.

Readers will gain a better understanding of each species’ life cycle characteristics, vocalizations, and geographic variation.

Information about endangered parrots is also provided. Besides this, the book is packed with fascinating facts about each species. As a result, it is the perfect companion for anyone interested in parrots.


Budgies are one of the most popular pet birds in the world. They are small, gentle, and easy to tame. These birds are best bought from a breeder as young ones are easier to tame.


Older birds are often less tamed and may need more training to become well-socialized. In this guide, we will explore what budgies eat and what you should avoid.

The text and illustrations in this guide are outstanding. There are 356 species represented in the book, including many subspecies. The book includes detailed species accounts that highlight key identification features and provide details on their habitat and life cycle.

The color maps show the distribution ranges of each subspecies. Relevant upper and underside flight images assist in field identification.

This guide also provides information about endangered species and other endangered species. For those interested in parrots, a comprehensive guide to the world’s parrots is essential reading.

Forshaw has provided excellent illustrations to support his detailed descriptions of the world’s parrots. The information in the book is updated frequently, making it a useful reference tool for both hobbyists and professionals.

The expanded texts contain information about every parrot species and subspecies. They also contain detailed descriptions, geographic variations, and voice characteristics. Parakeets are prone to illness, and some of these diseases can be contagious.

Some are caused by improper nutrition and intoxication. If an infected bird bites you, it can cause a fatal illness. Most of the affected birds die within 5 days.

Some birds also contract parasites, intestinal diseases, or even parakeet fever. As we humans suffer from the same health issues, parrots have different health problems.

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A Complete Guide To All The Parrots in the World identifies 356 species of parrots and subspecies in the wild.


It contains detailed descriptions of each species, including their common names, geographic distribution, status, habits, and wing beats.

Detailed color plates highlight the physical description and geographic variation of each species. Whether you are a bird lover, birder, or just curious, you will find this field guide useful.

African grey parrots are found in dense forests in most equatorial regions. They are very sociable and enjoy interaction with their owners and other members of the family.

They can be aggressive when angry or tense, so you may need to be patient when first adopting an African grey. This species can take up to four years to become accustomed to new members of the household.

Most parrots eat fruits, nuts, seeds, and flowers. Some species thrive on nectar. However, they will also eat vegetables, both raw and cooked. While their primary prey is insects, they will also eat small animals, including mice and snakes.

Because parrots are a part of nature’s food chain, they are both predators and prey. In the wild, parrots hunt other birds, which can lead to conflict between the two species.

Among all the parrots in the world, the budgie is the most popular pet. They are inexpensive, easy to care for, and easy to train.

Some of them can even mimic human speech. Some even mimic other sounds, like the sound of a door slamming, or a squeaky chair. While parakeets are not the easiest species to train, they are easy to handle and require very little attention.

Amazon Parrots

The first book of its kind, A Complete Guide to All The Parrots in the World, is a comprehensive field guide covering all 356 species of parrots.

amazon parrots

It is organized by geographic range and features 146 color plates for easy identification. Each species’ key identification characteristics, habitats, and subspecies are described in detail.

Each species’ color distribution map is highly useful for accurate identification in the field.  Relevant upperside and underside flight images are also included for easy field identification.

While the International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified parrots as non-extinct, their numbers are rapidly decreasing due to human activity. They are no longer as common as they once were, and have become threatened by habitat destruction.

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Half of all parrot species are now classified as critically endangered, and one species is even causing global outrage by being sold on the black market.

Fortunately, the bird’s name is derived from the early 16th-century French word “perrot,” which means stone or rock.  Another parrot species is the grey parrot, a medium-sized bird native to Africa. The grey parrot has a red tail feather and a black bill.

Unlike most pet birds, parrots are intelligent and affectionate, and they are well-loved by people for centuries. While they are empathetic and affectionate, some species can be dangerous if provoked.

The Senegal parrot is particularly dangerous and may bite with its sharp beak. A sharp beak can result in significant pain and injury. It’s important to know the breed and species of parrots before bringing them home.

Large Macaws

The largest parrot species is the hyacinth macaw, which is native to Central and Eastern South America.

large macaws

It is about one meter long and weighs two to three pounds, making it the largest flying parrot species. It lives primarily in tropical woodlands and palm swamps. Its lifespan is over 60 years, making it one of the largest parrot species in the world.

Macaws are also known as king-sized parrots. Despite their size, they have typical parrot characteristics, including a large, curved beak and large, agile toes, which they use like hands. They also have raucous voices, which are often heard in dense rainforests.

Despite their loud, powerful voice, macaws are actually incredibly loving and sensitive creatures, displaying many distinct characteristics in both behavior and appearance.

The large macaws are named after their locations. Some of them are native to South America, where they live in tropical Amazonian forests.

Other large macaws are named for their color or distinctive appearance. A red-fronted macaw has a red front, which distinguishes it from its blue cousin.

A complete guide to all parrots in the world includes information about all kinds of large macaws and their habitats.

The large macaw is one of the most charismatic species in South America. They are members of the larger parrot family and have colorful plumage and loud behavior.

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In the canopy of rainforests, they are difficult to miss, with their vibrant colors and loud voices. Their habitats are in the Amazon and Pantanal regions. If you’re looking for a pet macaw, it’s a good idea to check out Rainforest Cruises’ Amazonian tour.

South American Parrots

There are several varieties of South American parrots. The largest is the greater rhea, closely related to emus and ostriches. It is known for its long legs, which it uses to outrun predators.

south american parrots

The earliest known bird was named Archaeopteryx, which shared many traits with dinosaur ancestors. While it did not have feathers, it was similar enough to the modern parrot to be named after it.

The toco toucan, one of the largest South American parrots, has a huge bill that’s almost three times the length of its body. They live in the tropical forests of the region, and their long bills are useful for peeling fruit and squid.

These birds prefer to hop instead of fly, and the bright yellow color of their bill helps them blend in with their surroundings. They have a tendency to fight with each other when they are breeding. It is also important to note that seed is not a suitable diet for a parrot.

Good quality parrot pellets can make up to 40% of the bird’s diet. Seed is also high in fat, similar to fast food for humans, and it is low in important minerals, vitamins, and protein. So, a good rule of thumb is to feed your parrots about 20% seed and the rest pellets.

Aside from the African grey parrot, the African region also has many lovebird species.  The masked lovebird, for example, perches close together with their heads tilted to mimic human speech.

In fact, a traveler once came across a colony of parrots that were speaking the dialect of their dead tribe. This was quite amusing and even made the traveler’s trip worthwhile. That’s the perfect place to start a new hobby.

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