A Complete Guide To All The Types Of Parrots

A Complete Guide To All The Types Of Parrots

A Complete Guide To All The Types Of Parrots


Parrots are vibrant birds that can be found in a variety of habitats around the world. Parrots come in a rainbow of colors.

They can weigh anywhere from a fraction of an ounce to as much as nine pounds each.

Even though it is quite unfortunate that some of the world’s parrot species are already considered endangered, there are over 300 different species of parrots in existence in the world today.

Amazon Parrots

It is generally agreed that Amazon parrots are among the most intelligent of all birds.

amazon parrots


They are also very well-known for their outgoing and engaging speaking styles. They can adjust very well to life in captivity, making themselves at home in their aviary or cage with relative ease.

A significant amount of mental stimulation is required of Amazon Parrots. Amazon Parrots are susceptible to displaying some behavioral issues if they do not receive the necessary attention, toys, and social interaction.

Blue-And-Yellow Macaw

Blue-and-yellow Macaws are a species of parrot that got their name from the stunning combination of bright yellow and blue feathers that they have on their bodies.

blue-and-yellow macaw


The underside of the animal is typically golden or yellow, while the top of the animal’s tail and wings are typically blue.

In addition, their faces are white, and they have black beaks and green foreheads.

As a macaw, it has the potential to become quite large, reaching a body length of up to 3 feet and a wingspan of up to 4 feet at maturity. They are also capable of reaching a weight of up to 3 pounds.


Cockatoos are extremely well-liked as companion animals, and their flamboyant and lively personalities are part of the reason for this popularity.


Even though the feathers perched on top of their heads are the feature for which they are most famous, there are a variety of other interesting and entertaining facts about birds that any fan of birds is sure to enjoy.



Dusky-Headed Parakeet

Birds with a dusky-headed parakeet are considered to be of medium size.

dusky-headed parakeet


In the countries of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil, the Western Amazon River basin is home to a thriving population of these animals.

This species of bird is notable for the fact that it has been observed to consume mineral-rich soil to supplement its diet, which is an interesting fact.

They also have a social nature and can frequently be found in pairs or small groups.


These varieties of parrots are on the smaller side, but they exhibit remarkable sexual dimorphism.



The males are typically green in color, with blue at the bend of the wing, and red under the wing, as well as along the sides of the body.

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The upper mantle, lower breast, and abdomen of a female Eclectus have some tinges of dull purple in their plumage, while the rest of their feathers are red.

Finsch’s Parakeet

There is another name for these birds, which is the crimson-fronted parakeet.

finsch's parakeet


They are a species of neotropical parrot that are typically found in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Western Panama. These birds are small and green in color.

Their natural habitats are made up of subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests, as well as formerly forested areas that have undergone significant levels of degradation.


It is common knowledge that they are entirely green in color, save for a solitary white patch that surrounds the orange eyes and red cap on their heads.

Golden Parakeet

The Golden Parakeet is one of the parrot species that has been designated as endangered because its population in the wild is thought to be declining at an alarming rate.

golden parakeet


In terms of their physical characteristics, they have a yellow body with greenish-yellow outer wings and an entirely yellow tail.

They have brown irises, pale pink bare eye-rings, and pink legs in addition to their enormous horn-colored beaks.

Hawk Headed Parrots

Parrots with hawk heads are beautiful, multicolored birds that are native to the rainforests of South America.

hawk headed parrots

They may create a fan-like effect around their head by raising the feathers on their neck when they are startled.

These parrots are imaginative and intelligent, and when they are foraging for food, they have the unique ability to solve puzzles to find the food they need.


When compared to other common Amazon parrots, their sizes are much more diminutive than those of other species.

Imperial Amazon

The mountainous forests of the Dominican Republic are home to a unique species of parrot that can only be found there: the Imperial Amazon.

imperial amazon


They are timid parrots that have been living on the island for several hundreds of years, and they are very attractive.

It is believed that they are one of the rarest species of parrots in the entire world. Both the male and female Boof have an appearance that is very similar to one another.

Jandaya Parakeet

The Jandaya Parakeet is a species of parrot that is considered to be of “Least Concern” status.

jandaya parakeet


They can be found in large numbers and are dispersed across their habitat. This species of parrot is indigenous to the woodlands of northern Brazil and has a size range that falls somewhere between medium and small.

It is a very beautiful bird that stands out from others due to the beautiful and vivid colors that it possesses.


Jandaya Parakeets have wings that are almost entirely green, despite their appearance being comparable to that of Sun Conures.

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Kawall’s Amazon

It would appear that Kawall’s Amazon is restricted to the basin of the Amazon River in Brazil. Both genders look alike.

kawall's amazon


The majority of their plumage is green, but there is some black dusting on the crown feathers, upper mantle feathers, and side feathers of the neck.

They have a green petal that tapers to a broad tip that is yellow and green. Additionally, they have side tail feathers that are reddish-brown at the bases and are bordered with blue and purple respectively.


Even though they are true parrots, lovebirds are typically regarded as the most diminutive member of their family.



The fact that lovebirds remain in monogamous relationships throughout their entire lives is one of the species’ most distinguishing characteristics.

This may be also the inspiration behind their name. Monogamy is essential to the social cohesion of the flocks and is the driving force behind much of the social behavior that they exhibit.


When a companion loses its mate, either because it becomes separated from the flock or because it dies, it exhibits erratic and upsetting behavior, which some people have compared to the depression experienced by humans.


Macaws are well-known for their stunning appearance, which has evolved to be suitable for the environment in which they live.



They are the most massive species of this type of parrot. The tropical rainforest is ideal for their growth. They are also monogamous throughout their entire lives.

They are notorious for their tendency to make loud noises, sometimes even imitating the sound of a human voice.

Nanday Parakeet

The fact that Nanday Parakeets are predominately green in color is the trait that most differentiate them from other species.

nanday parakeet


It has a dark beak, and a mask covers its face. They also have flight feathers that trail behind them on their wings, and their long tails have a blue edging towards the end.

Orange-Fronted Parakeet

Orange-fronted Flowers and fruit make up the majority of a parakeet’s diet.

orange-fronted parakeet


Outside of the breeding season, flocks are known to cause damage to bananas and maize that are reaching their peak maturity.

They also nest primarily within the cavities that have been excavated by themselves throughout arboreal termitariums.


Poicephalus parrots have a reputation for appearing to have a robust skeletons.



In comparison to other species of parrots, they have a more stocky build. They have broad, blunt tails in contrast to their large heads.

These birds are famous for their reputation for being among the most well-behaved and quiet species of parrots.

They are also known for their excellent socialization skills. These parrots make incredible pets and wonderful companions.

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Red-Bellied Macaw

The Red-Bellied Macaw’s plumage is predominantly green in color.

red-bellied macaw


The majority of its face is exposed and has a mustard yellow color, while the irises of its eyes are a dark brown color.

The mini-macaw category includes these neotropical parrots, which are regarded as the largest of the mini-macaws.

Spix’s Macaw

The macaws belonging to the species known as Spix’s are also known as the Little Blue Macaw.

spix’s macaw


They are beautiful little parrots that have delicate blue-gray plumage, a bright blue tail and wings, and an ash-blue crown to top it all off.

The skin that does not have feathers and is dark gray can be seen around their eyes.


Turquoise-Winged Parrotlet

These parrots exhibit sexual dimorphism in both sexes.

turquoise-winged parrotlet


The rumps and lower bacs of male Turquoise-Winged parrotlets are covered in brilliant turquoise feathers, while the axillaries and coverts of their underwings are a deep purple-blue color.

Females do not have the distinct blue markings that males do, but the color of the yellow-green on their faces and foreheads is much brighter than it is in males.

Vulturine Parrot

The tails of the Vulturine Parrots are short and square-shaped, and their plumage is primarily green in color.

vulturine parrot


They have a chest that is olive-brown and underwing coverts that are a bright red. These colors, when viewed from a perched position, can give the impression of an orange-red shoulder patch.

They have an under-tail that is bluish at the tip and has a yellowish base. The name may come from the bare and vaguely vulture-like appearance of their head.

White-Eyed Parakeet

White-eyed The lowlands of central and northern South America is the ideal habitat for the medium-sized parrot species known as the parakeet.

white-eyed parakeet


They are primarily green in color, like other Psittacara parakeets, and have a white orbital eye-ring, variable red on the head, and red under the wrists. They also have red under their wings.

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots have a reputation for being friendly and outgoing with people.

yellow-naped amazon parrot


They have the potential to be talkative and are drawn to toys that present them with mental and physical challenges.

They thrive on the owners’ undivided attention and lots of quality time spent together. They are popular pets despite the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies that come along with them.

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