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All You Want To Know About The Life And Features Of The Naked Mole-Rat

the naked mole-rat

All You Want To Know About The Life And Features Of The Naked Mole-Rat



Naked mole-rats have an interesting social structure and evolved underground burrow systems. These rodents have been stripped of most of their hair and even their eyes.

To survive, these creatures must remain underground. Their social structure is highly unusual for a rodent.

Its Nature

The naked mole rat is a familiar sight for many people, but the naked mole rat has some unusual superpowers.

the naked mole-rat

They are resistant to cancer and aging, can survive without oxygen for almost 20 minutes, and can withstand pain to an extreme. These creatures are also extremely social.

In fact, they are so social that they will even kidnap babies from other mole rats and turn them into slaves. Naked mole rats have their own dialect.

They are not the only creatures to speak their own language. Whales and primates have also been found to talk in common tongues, though these larger animals are much harder to study.

Nevertheless, researchers have recently discovered that mole rats may use their teeth as sensory organs to perceive the world around them.

The naked mole rat is a small, hairless rodent. It can grow as long as four inches and lives in colonies of up to 300 members.

Unlike many rodents, this species of rat does not have a mate. Instead, it has a queen that mates with one to three breeding males. The other females in the colony are sterile.


The behavior of the naked mole-rat is unique among mammals.

the naked mole-rat

Its closest relative, the Damaraland mole rat, practices a less strict form of eusocial behavior. No wonder Faulkes began studying this unique animal in his spare time.

Previously, he worked for a cat food company, studying the effects of smell on cat feeding. Afterward, he returned to academia and established the first colony of naked mole rats in the United Kingdom.

The Faulkes lab at Queen Mary University is home to about 70 naked mole rats.

The rats range in size from 10 to 20cm long. Their social structure is unusual and their underground burrow systems are unique.

They have lost most of their hair, but they still maintain nearly perfect muscle structure. Furthermore, they can independently move their teeth.

The enigmatic naked mole-rat has attracted the attention of many ecologists and sociobiologists. However, most studies on this species have focused on studies conducted in captivity.

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While these studies have produced many interesting insights, most have been biased towards one aspect of biology.

Many authors have neglected to study the question of why naked mole-rats are hairless.


The naked mole-rat lives in dry, arid areas in Africa, where it lives in large colonies.

the naked mole-rat

These animals spend much of their lives digging tunnels underground. The dominant female, or queen, in a colony mates with several males and, raises their pups.

Other members of the colony perform other functions, such as maintaining the burrow.

Naked mole-rats communicate by using a variety of sounds. One such sound is rolling in their own urine and feces. This habit enables them to survive without food and water.

Their diet consists of tubers and plants, which they dig for. While these creatures don’t eat animals, they will sometimes eat their own feces.

The naked mole-rat lives in colonies of several hundred individuals. A queen may have as many as 27 pups, and one female can have up to five litters a year.

Their gestation period is about 70 days and they give birth to seven to eleven pups. The pups weigh only a few grams and are nurtured by lower-ranking mole-rats.

When they reach about a month old, they begin working for their colony.


The life span of the naked mole-rat is astoundingly long compared to other mammals.

the naked mole-rat

The animals can live up to 30 years and display no signs of age-related mortality. Furthermore, they have a very high fertility rate, ensuring that they continue to reproduce until they die.

The naked mole-rat’s lifespan is eight times longer than other rodents. This is largely due to the fact that they never contract cancer and do not age.

The fact that these rodents are not affected by tumor genesis may contribute to their high life span. The naked mole-rat’s life span is longer than that of mice and guinea pigs.

Because they live underground, they do not require light to stay active. They remain active day and night and sleep only for brief periods several times per day.

The lack of light means that they do not get enough vitamin D. The mole-rats also do not eat meat or any other animal products. Their diet is entirely vegetarian.

The naked mole-rat has a remarkably long life, despite its low metabolism and decreased antioxidant defenses. This might be attributed to the rat’s exceptional resistance to oxidative stress.

Exposure to high levels of ROS early in life may increase a rat’s resistance to oxidative stress, which could ultimately lead to a longer life.

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The diet of the naked mole-rat varies depending on its habitat.

the naked mole-rat

It is native to the Horn of Africa and parts of Kenya. It is closely related to blesmols and is the only species of the genus Heterocephalus.

It consumes mainly a variety of seeds and nuts. The species is also known as the sand puppy. It is found in all parts of Africa except the United States.

This species is also known as the desert mole rat and sand puppy. The desert habitat is a great habitat for naked mole rats as they spend most of their time underground, where they are safe from predators.

These rats are characterized by their wrinkled skin and lack of hair. The baby naked mole-rat is born blind and reliant on its mother’s milk for the first two weeks of life.

After weaning from their mother, the babies are able to develop quickly and become mobile.

By the time they reach eight weeks, they start receiving roles within the colony. These young mole-rats eat the feces of other mole-rats.


The health of the naked mole-rat depends on its environment.

the naked mole-rat

This rodent spends most of its time underground and does not drink water. Consequently, they do not experience the same levels of dehydration and other health concerns as other rodents.

In fact, they can survive for up to 18 minutes without food and water. In addition, they do not suffer from pain or inflammation when they are injured.

Scientists are currently studying the biology and physiology of the naked mole-rat to determine its optimal health.

The health of the naked mole-rat may also be linked to its specialized genetic makeup.

This species has an extra copy of an antioxidant gene that protects the body from oxidative stress, a process that can cause mutations in the cells.

This could help us understand why the mole-rat is so long-lived. In addition, the mole-rat’s DNA may have age-related changes that reflect its protection against old age.

The naked mole-rat lives to be 30 years old, which is far longer than the average lifespan of other rodents. This longevity is surprising because rodents typically live for only two to five years.

Naked mole-rats are resistant to aging-related diseases and are not likely to die from old age.


In an underground burrow, the naked mole-rat chirps to greet its fellow colonists.

the naked mole-rat

Its chirps can distinguish members of its own clan from those of outsiders, and it prefers to hear other members of its colony.

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Despite its appearance, the naked mole-rat is far more human-like than it appears. If it were able to communicate with humans, it could help us understand the origins of human language.

Furthermore, it may be the first known example of social communication through sound. The naked mole-rat lives in subterranean colonies with up to 300 individuals.

The female is a breeding queen with helpers who care for her. The males, however, do not breed with the queen. The group is very tight-knit and has a high level of fear of outsiders.

Naked mole-rat colonies typically consist of 20 to 300 individuals. In some cases, colonies are as large as 6 football fields.

Because of their low body temperatures, these creatures must huddle together in large groups to conserve heat.

In order to achieve this, they use a system of tunnels that connect their burrows, food sources, and toilets.

Its Skin

The Naked Mole-Rat’S Skin is a fascinating and entertaining look at the social dynamics of this nocturnal mammal.

the naked mole-rat

Researchers from the Queen Mary University of London studied this rodent’s behavior and social hierarchy. They discovered that the rat can survive without water or oxygen for up to 18 minutes.

They also show no sign of pain from injury or inflammation. Researchers are now trying to understand the secrets behind this remarkable mammal’s incredible ability to survive.

Scientists have found that the naked mole-rat is immune to cancer. They think it has a special substance in its skin that traps tumor cells and stops them from turning cancerous.

The mole-rat also has a chemical that alleviates pain in the knee joints. These findings may help explain why the mole-rat doesn’t develop cancer in later life.

This rodent is native to the desert regions of East Africa. The climate of these regions is often warm during the day. Therefore, the Naked Mole-Rat huddles together in mole-rat piles to stay warm.

Although it lacks hair, it is protected from the sun thanks to 100 fine hairs on its body. It also has hair between its toes that help it sweep away soil when tunneling.






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