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Aussie Shepherd’s Heartwarming Act: Comforting Sibling’s Puppies Steals Internet’s Heart

aussie shepherd's heartwarming act: comforting sibling's puppies steals internet's heart

Aussie Shepherd’s Heartwarming Act: Comforting Sibling’s Puppies Steals Internet’s Heart


In a tale that will tug at your heartstrings, an Australian Shepherd named Mia goes above and beyond to care for a litter of puppies, not biologically related to her.

The emotional video, posted on Instagram by @theyounghomestead, has captivated viewers worldwide, showcasing the nurturing instincts of our four-legged friends.

Mia’s Act of Kindness

The touching footage reveals Mia, the mini Aussie, lying with adorable puppies snuggled up next to her. The caption describes the heartwarming moment:

“Our 100lb Bernese Mountain Dog mom, Ava, was outside, taking a mommy minute, and two of her babies got very upset! My mini Aussie, Mia, heard them crying and was very concerned.” Mia, without hesitation, climbs into the bed with them, providing comfort until Ava returns.

The Viral Sensation

The Instagram post, shared on February 20, has become an internet sensation, amassing a staggering 1.9 million views at the time of writing.

Mia’s compassionate act has resonated deeply, drawing over 160,200 likes and numerous comments, turning this heartwarming scene into a global spectacle.

User Reactions

  • User1: “[You] can tell she isn’t really comfortable watching the kids but still did what needed to be done!”
  • User2: “Why do aussies always look so uncomfortable?”
  • User3: “Mia takes her responsibility as furry godmother very seriously.”
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The Canine Connection

It’s not uncommon for female dogs to adopt another dog’s litter, and Mia’s maternal instincts echo similar instances.

This compassionate behavior is often seen under various circumstances, such as abandonment, illness, or the death of the biological mother. In some cases, surrogate mothers play a crucial role in providing care and support for orphaned puppies.

Heartwarming Examples

  • Mother dog adopting 10 puppies after losing her entire litter.
  • Jack Russell nursing a litter of kittens abandoned by their mom.

Insights from Dr. Anna Foreman

Dr. Anna Foreman, associated with Everypaw Pet Insurance in the U.K., emphasizes the safety of kittens drinking dog milk temporarily. However, she advises against it due to the nutritional imbalance, urging the use of a milk replacer specifically designed for kittens.

Seeking Confirmation

Newsweek reached out to @theyounghomestead for comment via email but could not independently verify the details of the case. Despite this, the overwhelming response from the online community underscores the universal appeal of such heartwarming stories.


Mia’s selfless act of caring for Ava’s distressed puppies highlights the deep bonds and compassion that exist in the animal kingdom.

As we witness these moments of love and support, it’s a reminder that animals, much like humans, have an innate ability to show empathy and kindness, transcending biological relationships.

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