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Great Pyrenees Heroically Adopts Rejected Baby Goat

great pyrenees heroically adopts rejected baby goat

Great Pyrenees Heroically Adopts Rejected Baby Goat: A Heartwarming Tale of Unlikely Bonds


In a heart-melting display of compassion, a Great Pyrenees dog named Bristol has captured the internet’s adoration by adopting a baby goat abandoned by its mother.

The heartwarming scene was shared on TikTok under the username bristolloveslucy, and the viral video showcases Bristol showering the little goat with love and care, stepping in where the mother refused.

Bristol: The Foster Mom Extraordinaire

In the viral clip, Bristol, the Great Pyrenees, can be seen taking care of the rejected baby goat, providing it with the affection and attention it needs.

The accompanying caption reveals the challenges faced, with the mother refusing to acknowledge the baby goat and the owner resorting to milking the mother to feed the little one.

Bristol, having been a foster mom before, steps in eagerly whenever the owner is not around, showcasing the incredible bond between animals.

Why Do Animals Adopt?

Learning from Live Science

It’s not uncommon for animals to adopt other species, and Live Science suggests a couple of reasons for this behavior. One possible explanation is that animals adopt to gain valuable fostering experience for when they have their offspring.

Another reason could be that the adopting animal, like Bristol, hasn’t had any offspring of its own and is simply “baby-obsessed.”

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The Viral Sensation

The heartwarming video quickly gained traction on social media, especially TikTok, amassing over 1.5 million views and 215,600 likes. The online community was quick to react, with users expressing their awe and amusement at Bristol’s maternal instincts.

User Reactions

  • Willard Squire: “She’s not a step mother, she’s the mother who stepped up.”
  • Talia: “Baby goat just sitting there like: ‘I am very confused but also too young to know if this is normal or not.'”

Unique Observations

  • ade_maciel89: “Bristol’s whole tongue covering the baby goat’s full face sent me.”
  • ayeelien: “Other goats are gonna be shocked when he comes out to herd them with Bristol.”
  • Poppy Shrapnel: “She keeps licking and smelling after like ‘nope, still smells weird.’ Aww, goat puppy.”

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Unveiling the Unconditional Love

Users like Linds and leslietaylor679 reflected on the profound message behind Bristol’s actions, suggesting that family is not always the one we are born into.

Bristol’s dedication and love for the baby goat showcase the importance of extra care and protection for those who need it the most.

Seeking Validation and Details

Newsweek reached out to bristolloveslucy for comment via TikTok chat but could not independently verify the details of the case.

The overwhelming response from the online community, however, speaks volumes about the universal appeal of this heartwarming story.


In a world filled with challenges, Bristol’s heroic act of adopting a rejected baby goat serves as a reminder that love knows no bounds.

The internet’s collective heart has been touched by this unlikely friendship, emphasizing the profound connections that can form between different species. Bristol and the baby goat have become an online sensation, spreading joy and warmth across social media platforms.

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Source: Newsweek – Great Pyrenees Adopts Baby Goat


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