Doggy Kisses: Understanding Why Your Furry Friend Wants To Shower You With Love

Doggy Kisses

Doggy Kisses: Understanding Why Your Furry Friend Wants To Shower You With Love


Dogs are known for giving us slobbery kisses, but do you ever wonder why they do it? Are they doing it because they want to please us?

As it turns out, dogs like to place their tongues on people for various reasons, ranging from instinct to affection to stress and everything in between. Let’s have a look at this.

Dog Kisses Are A Natural Instinct.

Canines communicate and stimulate one another through the act of licking their lips.

Doggy Kisses

What we call “dog kisses” are instinctive urge that begins as soon as a dog is born. According to Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer, “Why is the dog licking?” she asks.

The mother uses that to communicate with her new puppies right from birth, stimulate them to start breathing, and clean them after they are born; therefore, it is extremely important to the survival of puppies.

In both the wild and domestic dogs, you’ll notice that newborns and pups will lick the area around their mother’s mouth since they still have that instinct.

Additionally, it’s a submissive gesture – the more junior members of a pack will lick the more dominant members, and keeping pack harmony is vital in this situation.”

Licking May Be Beneficial In Maintaining Pack Unity.

They exhibit Feelings of Love. Doggie kisses are affectionate expressions of the same sort as you might expect. It is considered loving if it is paired with butt wiggles and other signs of delight.

Doggy Kisses

For example, when you return home from a long day at work, your dog will greet you with a “Hi Mom!” “I’m overjoyed that you’ve returned!” On the other hand, doggie kisses are a natural expression of affection.

“When your dog licks you for affection, he releases endorphins, which soothe and comfort him and help him feel secure. It is crucial for him to realize that you are the most important person in his life.”

While it’s great to be licked by your dog, there are other reasons why he might do so.

Your Dog Likes The Way You Smell And Taste.

Another explanation for puppy kisses, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Despite the fact that it appears disgusting to us, our sweaty and salty skin can be exciting to dogs, who have a tendency to explore the environment with their lips and are reassured by the aroma of their loving owners.

For the same reason, they frequently steal our socks and underwear,” says the author. A dog’s nose can be overwhelmed by the variety of odours and tastes found on our skin, which may sound nasty to some people.

There are certain dogs who can’t get enough of humans, whether it’s because we have leftover food, the smell of everyone else on the train back to their homes, or just because we have a natural flavour in our skin.

In other words, your dog adores you and is soothed by the scent and taste of your clothing. When it comes to sweat and scents, they aren’t put off by them; rather, they are attracted. Your dog may be comforted by licking you.

Stress Reduction Techniques.

Dogs licking their owners are generally considered to be an expression of affection.

On the other hand, if the dog kisses someone who is angry or excited, this could be a sign that they are stressed. They are attempting to release their stress by licking that individual because they know that this is a welcome gesture.

If the dog licks you because it is nervous rather than out of affection, you will be able to distinguish this behaviour because of the presence of other calming signs.

signs such as raised ears, head tilts, and agitated movements,” she says. As a result, if you’re visibly unhappy, your dog may attempt to soothe you down by licking you.

Alternatively, if your dog is feeling worried, licking you can assist in calming them down by releasing those endorphins and sending a cascade of happy feelings through their bodies, as described above.

There are many reasons why dogs kiss their owners. As you can see, there are various reasons why your dog may decide to kiss you.

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The question then becomes, does your dog give you more kisses than you’d like to receive Some people discover that they have an overexcited dog who refuses to pay attention until they exchange pets for kisses.

Other dogs are simply eager to kiss everyone they come into contact with!

You may need to teach them that their slobbery kisses are not always appreciated if this happens. Dogs thrive on positive engagement, and if their kisses are ignored for an extended period, they will cease.

A dog trainer or canine behaviour therapist can assist you in setting boundaries for your dog and alleviating any anxieties you may have on their behalf. For more information, consult with your family’s veterinarian.

They Are Famished.

Licking could signify that they want your attention or are hungry, or something like that. Possibly this occurs after a long day at work when they are ready to sit down for their meal.

This has its origins in pack behaviour as well, when the pack members may be curious about what their mother has brought them back from the hunt.

They’re Pleading With You To Look After Them And Their Needs.

Whether it’s showing affection, taking them for a walk, or providing them with some much-needed attention, licking is usually an indication that they want you to take care of them somehow, whether it’s love, attention, or attention.

After all, domestic dogs are fully reliant on their owners’ love and concern for their well-being in order to survive.

What Causes Dogs to Lick You?

It is fairly typical for dogs to lick their owners’ faces, and like with any trait, there is a wide range of variation from dog to dog.

Human licking can occur for various causes, some of which are pleasant to some and unpleasant to others.

They Are Looking For Space.

It can be possible to distinguish between the different types of licks that your dog provides.

Your dog licking you and then moving away when you get too close to their face could be a means of signalling that they want you to give them some space if they’re already pretty comfortable with you being close to them.

In Order To Communicate.

In the wild, young wolves will lick the area surrounding their mother’s face to communicate with her, beg for food, and display submissive to a more experienced animal.

Even as pups mature, they continue to lick the area surrounding other wolves’ faces in order to communicate, detect pheromones, or demonstrate submission.

These characteristics can still be found to some degree in our domesticated dogs.

Dogs are frequently observed licking the area around the muzzles of other dogs they encounter when out and about as a manner of communicating with them.

Dogs in unfamiliar situations, such as at the veterinarian’s office, may lick the face of a stranger to try to determine their intentions or to placate (i.e., say “Please don’t hurt me”).

Licking is another way our beloved dogs express affection, especially toward individuals with whom they have formed a strong attachment.

If you pay attention to the canine-human connection, you will see that short sharp licks to the chin or nose, with wide eyes and ears back, are a sign of curiosity or submissiveness.

A cheerful dog who is simply glad to see its person will give big wet kisses with its ears forward and relaxed body language.

They Are Apprehensive.

Licking your hand excessively could signal that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety, particularly if they have been left alone. Dogs are pack animals in their nature, and being left alone for extended periods can be stressful.

They may be licking themselves because they are desperate to interact with their owner if they are afraid while their owner has been absent.

They Want Us To Reward Them.

Regardless of the reason for the licking, most individuals will respond positively to a big sloppy kiss on the lips. Whether we shriek and wave our hands or embrace our dogs with additional ear scratches and cuddles,

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we have a tendency to react in a way that dogs find enjoyable and entertaining. We are very aware of animals’ reactions, and positive reinforcement will eventually encourage licking as a kind of greeting.

The majority of domestic dogs lick for various reasons, including affection, information collecting, and habit. What happens, however, if your dog licks himself too much?

A dog’s obsessive licking can quickly become uncomfortable, and no obsessive behaviour is considered a healthy attribute in a dog. Without a doubt, reducing positive reinforcement is the first step toward discouraging licking.

Licking is frequently associated with other undesirable behaviours, such as jumping up and running away. The most straightforward technique to decrease these behaviours is to ignore the dog; simply turn your back until the jumping and licking stop.

Once your dog is calm and has all four feet planted firmly on the ground, proceed to greet them as you would normally. Over time, most dogs will learn that the quickest method to acquire what they want (attention) is to avoid licking their face or other body parts.


Questions People Also Ask: (FAQs)


When a dog licks your face, does this imply that the dog loves you?

There are various reasons why dogs lick the inside of their mouths. In addition to the fact that your dog may be fond of you, he or she may lick you for other reasons as well.

When they want your attention, they want to engage with you, and licking you is a very powerful way to get your attention immediately.


Is it appropriate for your dog to lick you?

Simply said, some of the bacteria that dogs carry in their saliva are toxic to humans and should be avoided.

“It’s advisable to stay away from them if at all possible.” There is no need for you to cease allowing your dog to lick your face completely; nevertheless, you should strive to keep your face and any open wounds off-limits.


What is the best way to tell if your dog trusts you?

When they are in your presence, their body language is calm and comfortable.
A slightly wide mouth and a calm, lolling tongue are the hallmarks of this pose.

Taking a belly rub is a good way to start the day (this shows they trust you)
Face with a soft, relaxed look.
The blinking of eyes.
The tail wags from side to side.
A “bow” to ask and encourage children to participate in games.


Are dog licks considered kisses?

Dogs licking their owners’ faces is so prevalent that dog owners refer to it as “offering kisses” and consider it a sign of devotion.

Allowing your dog to lick you is normally considered pretty harmless, but some dogs appear to lick people more frequently than others.

Is it okay if I allow my dog to sleep in my bed?

It is possible that your pet will not bite you if you roll over in bed and surprise him; nonetheless, an unintended bite can be just as painful as a deliberate bite.

Nonetheless, as long as neither you nor your dog suffers from any medical or behavioural disorders that would make sleeping together an unhealthy scenario for either of you, co-sleeping should be perfectly safe.


What does it signify when your dog looks at you with his eyes?

Similar to how humans gaze into the eyes of someone they like, dogs will gaze at their owners as a means of expressing affection for them.

It is true that mutual looking between humans and dogs results in the production of oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.”

You are stimulated to release the same hormone that is released when a new mother looks at her newborn while you are looking at your dog.


Do dogs have a favourite person who they like to hang out with?

Dogs frequently choose a favourite person who has the same energy level and personality as themselves.

As a bonus, some dog breeds are more likely to form a strong attachment with a single individual, increasing the likelihood that their favourite person will be their only human.

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Breeds that have a strong tendency to bond with a single individual include.


What exactly does it mean when a dog places one paw on your leg or shin?

If your dog places his paw on your shoulder, it could be his way of saying, “I love you.”.

While pawing at you, your dog may be displaying signs of nervousness, which could indicate that he is feeling insecure and is asking for you to soothe him.

If, on the other hand, the constant pawing is associated with begging for food, it is advisable to disregard the behaviour.


What is the average amount of time it takes for a dog to forget its owner?

It takes 1 to 3 years for a dog to forget its owner if he hasn’t had any direct touch with him during that time.

However, the connection between experiences, odours, and noises, among other things, can allow the dog to recognize the object immediately. According to a new study, dogs can recall how their owner put the harness on their necks.


Can dogs tell the difference between a nice person and a bad person?

Dogs have the ability to distinguish between those who are bad and those who are good. The moral decisions made by another person are unlikely to be detected by your dog.

Still, he may detect indicators of anxiety, fear, rage, and danger in others. In order to figure out how to react to different people, they rely on their acute sense of smell and their exceptional ability to read and comprehend nonverbal communication.


Do dogs appreciate it when they are hugged?

Dog behaviourists feel that, in general, dogs do not enjoy being hugged or kissed. Every dog, on the other hand, has a distinct personality.

Some people may despise hugs more than others, while others may even like them. If we’re talking about our furry family members, the closest thing they can approach a hug is something known as “standing over.”

Do dogs really care about us?

In fact, according to the findings of the study, not only do dogs appear to love us back, but they also consider us to be members of their own families.

According to a new neuroimaging study about odour processing in the canine brain, the most direct dog brain-based proof that they are hopelessly dedicated to humans comes from this study.


What is it about my dog that makes him lick my lover but not me?

What causes dogs to kiss the faces of some humans but not others? Licking another dog’s face or the face of a human is considered natural social behaviour.

Licking could be used as an appeasement gesture by dogs to indicate their social regard. As a signal, it could also be used to request food, additional social information, a display of affection, or attract someone’s attention.

Do dogs have a sense of when their owners are sleeping?

Originally Answered: Do dogs have any way of knowing when people are sleeping? Definitely, as soon as they notice your breathing becoming shallower, they begin to bounce around like Tigger!

The dogs have the superpower of determining whether someone is sleeping or if they are simply playing a joke on them.


What makes dogs want to sleep at your feet?

Some dogs prefer to sleep in cooler environments, such as the floor next to their feet. If your pet is sleeping by your feet, it could be a sign that they require comfort or are afraid of something.

This is also an indication of a subservient dog. It is also possible for dogs to lay or sit on their feet to indicate their territory to other dogs.

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