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20 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds On The Planet – Check Them Out!

pit bull

20 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds On the Planet – Check Them Out!!


It’s difficult to conclude that there are specific breeds of dogs that are particularly dangerous to humans. Dogs develop in different ways depending on how they are raised, how they are treated, and the environment in which they live.

Having said that, some dog breeds are more prone to violent behavior than others, and this is true for both males and females.

This does mean that these breeds will develop into aggressive dogs with a mean streak in their personalities. The only thing it signifies is that if they are not properly cared for, they are more likely to become aggressive than other dog breeds.

The dogs on this list could be loving, happy family pets if they are raised in the proper environment.

Having said that, the Journal of the American Veterinary Association (JAVMA) undertook a study over a period of 20 years to establish which breeds were the most deadly based on the number of fatalities caused by dog bites.

The majority of the canines on this list were also discovered in the study’s final results, which confirmed the list’s validity.

20) Labrador.

The Labrador Retriever is typically considered to be a friendly, easygoing, and affectionate dog.


They can be quite dangerous if they are not properly educated and cared for, as with many rescue dogs.

According to the report of Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Statistics, there were 56 assaults that resulted in serious harm between 1982 and 2014, according to the organization. Seventeen of those individuals were minors.

It is also worth observing that this breed is responsible for one death during this period. In 2011, a Labrador mauled a three-year-old boy, resulting in severe facial injuries that required hospitalization.

The owner’s job is to ensure that their dog is loved, properly trained, and well cared for, just as with any other breed of dog. A lethal attack can be avoided if proper precautions are taken.

19) Cocker Spaniel.

It could come as a surprise to learn that this dog actually belongs on this list.

cocker spaniel

At first look, and if he is properly taught and cared for, he appears to be a wonderful and beloved family pet. These dogs, on the other hand, are extremely emotional.

As a result, badly trained dogs have a predisposition to attack. A survey conducted by the Japanese Veterinary Medical Association found that the Cocker Spaniel has been involved in more than 59 fatal assaults in the last 25 years.

In 2016, a group of stray dogs assaulted an older adult in Jacksonville, Florida, with at least one of the dogs being identified as a Cocker Spaniel.

The attack took place in the early morning hours. The man was unable to make it.

18) Tosa Inu.

A fighting dog is an extremely dangerous breed of dog, and it is well-known for being so. It is also an extremely rare breed of dog.

tosa inu.

It has been outlawed in various nations due to the danger it poses, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Hong Kong, Australia, and several other jurisdictions.

The rise in the number of attacks on people, particularly youngsters, was cited as the basis for the prohibition. In the early 1990s, the number of attacks reached thousands per year.

According to the ASPCA, only one assault by this breed has occurred in the last three years since the breed has been prohibited from being owned and since there are nearly no breeders remaining in the world.

17) The Bullmastiff.

The Bullmastiff is a huge, powerful dog with a lot of muscle.

the bullmastiff.

He is capable of weighing up to 130 pounds and standing as tall as 27 inches, depending on his size. Unless these dogs are properly trained and socialized, they have the potential to become violent.

Dogs that have not been properly trained might become quite unpredictable. During an attack by a Bullmastiff in 2014, a 13-year-old kid from New Jersey was killed after being bitten by the dog.

Another youngster was also attacked, and he had serious injuries as a result. Over a 15-year period, according to the Merritt Cliffton Dog Bite Statistics, there were 111 assaults on people by dogs.

About 46 of the victims were minors, with 63 of the attacks resulting in fatalities. On the other hand, these dogs can become terrific family companions if they are given the necessary care and training.

16) Malamute.

The Malamute is frequently misidentified as the Husky.


These dogs are extremely huge, weighing up to 85 pounds at their heaviest. These dogs have a tendency to be passive, which makes them good working dogs.

The Malamute, like the Husky, is well-known for its ability to pull sleds through the bitter cold. They are large, making them an unsuitable companion for families with young children.

According to the findings of the JAVMA study, this breed was responsible for 12 fatal assaults over the course of 20 years. When the family’s Malamute killed a woman’s six-month-old daughter, it made national news in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, in Cornwall, UK, a man was walking his Malamute when a “pit bull-like” dog started attacking him, and his dog saved his life by biting the attacking dog.

15) Saint Bernard.

Because of the Beethoven films, you may have an image of a Saint Bernard as a family pet who is intelligent, protective, and affectionate to its owners. This is, in fact, correct.

saint bernard

Hikers who become stuck in the icy mountains have come to rely on this kind of dog, which originated in Italy and Switzerland and has become well-known for its capacity to rescue them.

While these dogs can be affectionate and protective, they can also be aggressive and possessive of their territory. Suppose you want to prevent your Saint Bernard from growing up and developing territorial and aggressive behavior.

In that case, you must begin socializing with him with strangers and other animals as soon as possible. As long as this breed is properly trained, he has the potential to be a wonderful companion. Because of his size and ferocity, he can be quite deadly if he isn’t restrained.

This breed’s average weight ranges between 140 and 260 pounds on average. The heaviest can weigh more than 310 pounds. If this dog is trained to be violent, it has the potential to cause significant damage, especially considering its large size.

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During the 20-year study period, just seven people died as a result of a St. Bernard assault, according to the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Many attacks go unreported, and the number of attacks is likely to be substantially higher.

In July 2016, a Canadian woman was strolling near a bus stop when a Saint Bernard on a leash lunged at her unawares and bit her face.

The victim of the dog said the attack was unprovoked, and she suffered a significant amount of blood loss as a result. Her kneecap was damaged, and she required 40 stitches to repair it.

However, it was difficult for the owner to take him away from the victim because of the dog’s size and power. However, it is not known what type of family life Saint Bernard had.

14) The American Bulldog.

An extremely robust and stocky breed of dog, the American Bulldog is a great companion.

the american bulldog

He can weigh anywhere between 60 and 120 pounds, which means he has a lot of muscle and can put forth a lot of power with his strong frame.

A farm dog at heart, his initial training was designed to assist his master in catching, holding, and releasing cows as well as wild boar.

He would also exterminate any pests that attempted to take over the land, and he would protect his master’s possessions and belongings. He is now more of a member of the family.

He will be sociable, just like any other dog, if he is properly trained. Though he is an extremely confident dog, he may be stubborn sometimes.

He also has a strong emotional side that shows up occasionally. As long as you can train him to stop acting in this manner at a young age, he will make a loving and pleasant companion.

During the summer of 2016, a 3-year-old boy from Halstead, Essex, was mauled by an American Bull Dog. Although the youngster did not survive, his owner was imprisoned for letting his dog become dangerously out of control.

On the other hand, in May 2012, an American Bull Dog saved the lives of a woman and her sleeping baby after an intruder broke into their home.

After successfully holding off an assailant until the police arrived, an American Bull Dog saved the lives of an entire family in 2015.

13) The Great Dane.

The Great Dane is a formidable canine opponent with its massive size and muscular frame. To be more specific, he holds the world record for being the tallest dog on the planet, standing at 44 inches in height.

the great dane

Originally, he was raised to hunt deer and wild boar, and he continues to do so in his current position. Being a hunter has evolved into a hereditary trait in this dog’s genetic makeup over time, and it is now a heritable trait.

The Great Dane may make an outstanding family dog if socialized and trained properly from a young age. Most of these dogs are loving toward children, and many will allow small children to ride on their backs, similar to how horses do with their riders.

However, if these dogs are not socialized and taught properly, their enormous size can make them exceedingly dangerous.

For example, if the dog becomes aggressive while dragging his entire height and weight of up to 120 pounds behind him, you could be in for a very scary situation.

These dogs will make wonderful family pets if they get the love, attention, and training they need. According to a JAVMA Veterinary Medical Association survey, about 7 Great Danes died between 1978 and 1998.

12) Akita.

The Akita is said to have originated in the highlands of Japan. He is a breed that is extremely powerful, domineering, and self-sufficient. When properly socialized and taught, these dogs may be extremely affectionate and well-behaved companions.


On the other hand, they can be quite territorial and uncomfortable around strangers. He is a large and powerful dog, capable of weighing up to 100 pounds at times.

When you consider his size and territorial nature, he may be extremely deadly if he is not properly trained and cared for.

It has been reported that between 1978 and 2008, there were 70 Akitas that caused bodily harm, with 44 of them being youngsters, according to the Clifton Study, a study that looked into dog bite events.

During this period, eight Akita were killed, and 52 people were permanently disabled. It was reported in 2015 that an Akita attacked and killed a woman.

When she checked on the Akita’s puppies, she was mauled by one of the dogs. Eight procedures were required to fix the damage.

In June 2014, an Akita who had been properly trained saved the life of his 5-year-old owner from being attacked by a bear. These anecdotes only serve to demonstrate that these dogs may be both deadly and heroic at the same time.

11) Boxer.

The Boxer is not known for being violent. He is a highly fun, intelligent, and active dog who is always up for a game. He also has a strong sense of independence.


There have been 48 assaults involving this breed of dog between 1982 and 2012, which is the reason why they are considered dangerous.

According to the Clifton Study, 19 of those attacked were minors, and seven of them died because of the attack. He is extremely muscular and can weigh up to 70 pounds at his peak.

This includes a toddler who was assaulted by the family’s 50-pound Boxer and suffered major injuries as a result of the incident.

Some people thought that the dog in question had not been properly trained. These dogs have the potential to be heroic if they are properly taught and cared for.

A house in Goshen Township was destroyed by fire. The owner was saved from the fire by the family’s Boxer, who did so at the expense of his own life.

While he did heal from his injuries, he was forced to battle for his life throughout the process. These dogs can be nice, loyal, and even heroic when given the proper training and environment.

10) Wolf Hybrid.

Dog and wolf hybrids exist, and the Wolf Hybrid is one such cross-breed. Because of the wolf’s genetic makeup, these dogs can be quite unpredictable in their behavior. Some of these dogs have more characteristics of a dog, while others exhibit those of a wolf.

wolf hybrid

Some of these dogs are extremely non-aggressive and gentle, while others are more aggressive. Unfortunately, a higher percentage of these dogs will be dangerous and likely to attack humans and small animals.

According to the JAVMA research, 14 people died, and 364 were attacked. Because some dog bite cases are not recorded, it is possible that the real number of attacks is underestimated.

In May 2013, a local Wolf Hybrid attacked and severely injured a 5-year-old boy, resulting in critical injuries. In 2009, a Wold Hybrid removed a sleeping infant from his crib, resulting in the baby’s death.

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Many people held the dog responsible, even though he was part wolf. Others accused the dog’s owners of failing to train their pets properly.

This dog is the only dog on this list that possesses the genetic composition of a wild animal, and as a result, he can turn violent and dangerous even in the best of circumstances.

Despite their bad image, there have been instances in which Wolf Hybrids have acted as heroes. When a couple who owned a Wolf Hybrid refuge became stranded outside during a storm in January 2014, and their Wolf Hybrid came to their aid, they were thrilled.

It took her two hours, but she managed to dig a tunnel that was 20 feet long, allowing the couple to return to their home safely. It’s impossible to predict what will happen with these dogs.

9) Chow Chow.

The Chow Chow is a well-known breed for being aloof and independent. He was originally from China, and he may weigh up to 70 pounds at his peak condition. Many people consider this dog a very bad reputation and a high-risk companion animal.

chow chow

This is because there have been more than 238 Chow Chow attacks between 1979 and 1998. Thirty-seven of the victims of such attacks were youngsters, and 40 of them died as a result of the attacks.

Despite the fact that they are frequently extremely protective of their owners, they can be hazardous to others if they do not have the proper training and do not live in the proper environment.

Many states deem this breed “unacceptable” and therefore mandate that the owners carry specific insurance to cover any damage that these dogs can inflict.

Suppose they are unable to obtain the exercise they require and cannot be physically active due to a lack of available space. In that case, they can become aggressive and potentially hazardous to themselves and others.

Chow Chows risked their lives to demonstrate that these creatures are not without merit. Jared’s Chow Chow, Chow Chow, demonstrates this argument.

He went on a family hike when a Black Bear attacked him and his companions. He saved the life of his sister and his human parents from the bear.

When the bear attempted to grab Jared’s owner’s belongings, Jared got on the bear’s back until the bear began to flee. The dog scared the bear away, allowing him to save his entire family from the animal.

8) Doberman Pinschers.

In every movie involving the mob or extremely wealthy and ruthless individuals, you will have seen a Doberman Pinscher at some point.

doberman pinschers

These canines are frequently used as security dogs in movies, and they are eager to attack intruders if they are ordered to do so. These canines are known for being exceedingly bright, incredibly devoted, and extremely attentive when it comes to the actual world.

This is what distinguishes him as such a capable security dog. Despite his large size, he can weigh as much as 70 pounds and is hostile against strangers and other dogs.

They are only very rarely aggressive towards their owners, if at all. While these canines’ intelligence, size, and strength distinguish them from other dogs, they also make them so dangerous.

According to the JAVMA investigation, these dogs were responsible for nine fatalities, all of which occurred in the course of defending their owners’ lives.

During a routine walk in his yard, an Oregon man was attacked by his neighbor’s Doberman Pinscher. The attack occurred in March 2014. The dog was shot and killed by him.

One year later, in October 2013, the Doberman Pinscher saved the life of a youngster who had been about to be attacked by an extremely dangerous poisonous snake while playing in the garden.

The dog was able to pick up the youngster and get her out of harm’s way in only a few short minutes after being called. If given the necessary care and attention, the Doberman may be educated to be a nice, joyful, and loyal dog, and he will be.

7) The Husky.

The Husky can be hazardous to humans, but they can be especially dangerous to smaller animals, which makes them a particularly dangerous breed.

the husky

They are large, powerful dogs who are bred to pull sleds over the snow, which they excel at. The fact that they have such a strong predator drive might make them potentially hazardous at times.

It has been determined by the National Association of Dog Bite Statistics that the Husky has been responsible for fifteen fatalities in the last 15 years.

On the other hand, you could bring a smaller animal into your home if you received sufficient training. In addition to being deadly to living things, these canines can also be quite disruptive in your home.

If your husky becomes bored while you are away, you may return home to furniture that has been chewed up and a major mess.

6) The Rottweiler.

The Rottweiler is a very large and powerful dog. They are capable of weighing up to 130 pounds, and the majority of them are made entirely of muscle.

the rottweiler

It is believed that this dog is extremely dangerous due to his hereditary propensity to guard and herd large flocks of sheep and cattle.

Not every one of these dogs is a ferocious beast. These dogs have earned a negative image, similar to many other breeds, because of abuse, neglect, lack of socialization, lack of training, and being cared for by irresponsible owners.

According to the report of Merritt Clifton Dog Bite Statistics, it has been estimated that the Rottweiler caused, between 1982 and 2014, 535 dog attacks.

Of those attacks, 297 of the attack victims were children, and 85 of the attacks were fatal, according to the National Crime Prevention Center.

It was 2015 when a man in Jackson Madison County, Tennessee, adopted a Rottweiler who attacked and killed him three hours later, according to police. Others believe that the manner he was treated before his adoption was the catalyst for the attack.

The year was 2001, and a woman in Rhode Island was arguing with her ex-boyfriend when her next-door neighbor came to check what was going on.

When the dog heard the screams, he grabbed the woman’s rear end and threw her and the dog down the steps together. The dog’s owner had to rip the woman’s teeth away from the dog’s teeth in order to assist her in escaping.

The year was 2015, and a woman named Kasha Weston was five months pregnant when a group of armed men barged into her home brandishing knives. Her Rottweiler came to her aid and launched an attack on the intruders.

Three of the men were able to escape from the house, while the dog restrained the fourth until the police arrived on the scene. This demonstrates that, even though these dogs might be dangerous, they can also be extremely heroic.

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5) German Shepherd.

The vast majority of these dogs are friendly. They are astute, vigilant, alert, and fearless in their actions. These canines are frequently employed in police K-9 units due to their outstanding characteristics.

german shepherd

While these dogs make wonderful family pets, they must be socialized and trained from a young age in order to be successful. When they feel threatened, they can become fiercely protective of their owners, families, and homes. As a result, they can be quite harmful.

If a pleasant stranger enters the house, a German Shepherd who has not been properly educated may attack the visitor. As a result, they can be quite harmful. If a stranger enters the house with the intent of causing harm, these dogs will attack him as well.

In general, if these dogs are not properly trained, they can be extremely dangerous. A study conducted by the JAVWA found that the German Shepherd was responsible for a number of fatalities.

The vast majority of these fatalities occurred when the dog attempted to protect a member of his family from harm. They may weigh up to 100 pounds, which provides them with a significant amount of punching power when attacking.

4) Caucasian Ovcharka.

It was raised to protect cattle, which is why it is also known as the Caucasian Shepherd.  They have a strong sense of self-determination, assertiveness, and courage. When a dog has been properly trained, these can be excellent characteristics.

caucasian ovcharka

These dogs can become highly vicious and difficult to control if this is not done. An uncontrolled impulse to defend their house and the people who live in it consumes them.

If a stranger enters the house and the dog does not recognize them, he may become aggressive. Because he is such a massive and powerful dog, it might be difficult for an owner to dissuade him from attacking once he has started.

The protective instincts of the Caucasian Shepherd have also been known to save lives in the past. He could weigh up to 110 pounds, and he will utilize this weight to save the lives of the people he cares about the most.

This dog was responsible for 24 fatalities between 2004 and 2014, according to the information given by Animals 24-7.

There were no children among those who died in the horrific strikes on the Twin Towers.  Then properly cared for and trained, this dog can make an excellent family dog who is protective, loyal, and devoted.

3) The Bull Terrier.

The Bull Terrier’s large, egg-shaped head is the breed’s most distinguishing characteristic. He is also well-known for having an incredibly muscular physique.

the bull terrier

These dogs have received a bad reputation in the past because they have been mistreated, abused, and trained to attack. These canines are not technically hazardous to humans but can be dangerous to other dogs and animals, particularly smaller dogs and animals.

This is due to the fact that they have a strong desire to chase their prey. If they cannot suppress this drive, they may become violent toward these smaller creatures, inflicting considerable injury when they do so.

This breed may reach a maximum weight of 65 pounds and is swift and tough. A well-trained, well-loved, well-cared-for dog can make an excellent family companion, even in households with other small animals.

2) Gull Dong.

The Gull Dong is a hybrid of two different breeds of dogs: the Bully Kutta and the Gull Tarrier. These dogs have the honor of being very strong and extremely powerful.

gull dong

The breed was developed to fight, and it is well-known for being tough to handle and extremely violent. If you desire to get one of these dogs, you need to start training him at an early age with a professional trainer.

He can weigh as much as 140 pounds, which is a significant weight to bear and attack with.

National Dog Bite Statistics reports that 68 documented dog attacks occurred between 2005 and 2011, with the most recent assault in 2010. Eight of these attacks resulted in death.

If these dogs are properly educated and socialized from an early age, they can grow up to be extremely affectionate, devoted, and ferociously protective.

Even though these dogs are well-known for their aggression and desire to attack, they are also well-known for protecting the people they care about and saving their owners’ lives.

1) Pit Bull.

The Pit Bull is widely and popularly regarded as the most dangerous dog in the United States. Pit Bull’s mauling has claimed the lives of 203 persons in the United States between 2005 and 2014, with 305 people suffering serious injuries.

pit bull

Originally, these dogs were bred for baiting bulls and protecting hunters from bears. Despite their small size, these dogs are extremely muscular.

The majority of Pit Bulls are lean and have no excess fat on their bodies. They are made entirely of muscle. These pups are rather adorable; unfortunately, many Pit Bull owners choose to change the dog’s appearance to give him a mean and intimidating appearance.

This contributes to the widespread fear of these dogs among the general public. The other reason is how the dogs are treated by their owners.

In the world today, there are many immoral criminals that train these canines to fight against one another for monetary gain. They starve, beat, and torture them to teach them properly.

It is one of the most terrible crimes against humanity that can be imagined. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, approximately 1,000 dogfighting arrests were being made in the United States between 2003 and 2008.

Former NFL player, Michael Vick, was arrested and sentenced to prison for involvement in a dogfighting ring. Drug dealers abuse these dogs in order to train them to protect their drugs, guns, and money with their very lives.

The negative reputation that Pit Bulls have acquired due to all of these factors is not necessarily deserved. These canines have been known to attack, yet they have also been known to save lives when they are called upon.

n August 2016, a woman from Georgia was stabbed in the stomach by a man with a knife. Then a stray Pit Bull attacked the man, and the dog leaped at him, scaring him away, but the man was stabbed five times before fleeing.

This dog was able to save the life of a woman he didn’t even know was there to save him. The dog recovered completely, and the woman ultimately decided to adopt him.

Some dogs are deemed dangerous because of their size, while others are deemed dangerous because of their genetic makeup or disposition.

The way they were raised and treated has earned them a reputation as potentially dangerous individuals. Most dogs may be good, loving, and loyal companions if given enough affection, sufficient supervision, and proper training.

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