Drone’s Critical Role: Tracking Moon, the Dog, in the Aftermath of a Tragic Car Crash

Drone's Critical Role

Drone’s Critical Role: Tracking Moon, the Dog, in the Aftermath of a Tragic Car Crash


The Tragic Aftermath: A Missing Canine in the Wake of a Fatal Car Crash

In the aftermath of a devastating wrong-way crash on Interstate 85 in South Carolina, which claimed three lives, the search for the missing canine companions of one of the victims unfolds.

Asta and Moon, two dogs who were passengers in the ill-fated car, disappeared from the crash scene, leaving rescuers on a mission to reunite them with their late owner’s family.

The Search Team’s Determination: Asta Found, Moon Still at Large

Anakin’s Trails Animal Trapping took charge of the search, successfully locating and trapping Asta. However, Moon, Asta’s sister, remained elusive, navigating the unfamiliar terrain around the crash site.

The Drone’s Discovery: Unveiling Moon’s Hideaway

Days into the search, hope was rekindled when drone operator Chad Lathem captured footage of Moon deep within the nearby woods. The thrilling discovery marked a turning point in the rescue mission, but the challenges were far from over.

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The Elusive Moon: Challenges of Trapping a Traumatized Canine

Despite the relief of knowing Moon was safe, capturing a traumatized and frightened dog like her presented a unique set of challenges. Ashley Raymond, founder and director of Anakin’s Trails Animal Search, emphasized the need for time and patience when dealing with a scared canine.

Strategic Trapping: Winning Trust on Moon’s Terms

Understanding Moon’s fear-driven decisions, the rescue team strategically placed traps and surveillance near her sightings. Raymond emphasized the necessity for Moon to regain trust at her own pace before attempting to capture her.

drone's critical role

Asta’s Role: A Furry Anchor to Instill Comfort

To aid in Moon’s trust-building process, the team leveraged Asta, her brother. Walking Asta through the woods saturated the area with his scent, providing a familiar and comforting anchor for Moon.

The Delicate Approach: Moon’s Den and Skittish Response

As the drone revealed Moon’s den, the rescue team cautiously approached, witnessing Moon’s skittish response. Respectful of her fear, the team backed off, recognizing the delicate nature of the situation.

Ongoing Rescue Operation: Asta Safe, Moon’s Progress

While Asta receives care from the team after a veterinarian treated his injuries, Moon continues to roam. Encouragingly, she was spotted multiple times, displaying progress in her journey toward safety. The team acknowledges the importance of patience in the ongoing rescue operation.

In the face of tragedy, the unwavering commitment of the rescue team and the invaluable assistance of technology, notably the drone, spotlight the resilience and determination to bring comfort to the canine companions left behind.

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