A Tale of Whiskers and Wanderlust: Easton, PA’s Mustache The Cat Adventure

Easton, PA's Mustache The Cat Adventure

A Tale of Whiskers and Wanderlust: Easton, PA’s Mustache The Cat Adventure


A Grand Whiskered Escape

Residents of South Side Easton, PA, found themselves embroiled in a month-long search and rescue operation for a very special Maine coon cat named Mustache.

Yes, the name is as distinctive as his look – the black-and-white feline boasts a noteworthy mustache!

A transitory pitstop in Easton for Mustache and his family on their journey back to Maine turned into an unexpected escapade when Mustache made a dashing escape.

Mustache’s adventure began when his family, led by Hannah Parks, decided to embark on an impromptu trip to Virginia. The feline companion, ever the outdoorsman, reveled in the exploration opportunities at the campsite, making his return to the picnic table each night.

However, on their return journey, Mustache’s little mishap caused the family to make an unplanned halt at Easton. As Parks opened the passenger side door, Mustache seized the moment and bolted for the nearby trees.

Despite an extensive search, Mustache remained elusive, setting the stage for a community-wide hunt for this special Maine coon.

The Community Responds

In an effort to find her beloved cat, Parks took to the Easton Post PA Facebook page, sharing Mustache’s distinctive image and hoping for a helpful lead.

The response was overwhelming. The Easton community, along with Elaine Bender from FURR – Feline Urban Rescue and Rehab – sprang into action.

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Bender, a seasoned trap-neuter-release expert, emphasized that the residents’ assistance was instrumental in the mission to locate Mustache.

Bender and the community had to differentiate Mustache from the numerous white cats in the area. Utilizing neon poster boards, they spread missing posters featuring a large shot of Mustache all over the area.

The Triumphant Capture

On June 21, a call cracked the case – someone had spotted a mustachioed cat! Bender, armed with a feeding station, a camera, and a trap, staked out at the encampment.

Around 1:30 a.m., Mustache appeared. The sense of relief and joy upon successfully trapping Mustache was immeasurable. Bender says, “Not every lost cat has a good outcome, but this particular one had a fantastic outcome.”

Homeward Bound

Upon hearing the news, Parks, who had been anxiously awaiting updates, was overwhelmed with joy. With Mustache safe in Bender’s care, the next challenge was to reunite the mischievous cat with his family in Maine.

Parks is currently exploring organizations that offer pet transport services, aiming to bring Mustache home through a series of brief driving stints by various people.

Mustache, true to his feline nature, remained silent about his month-long adventure. But he graciously accepted some chin scratches, seeming content with his temporary guardian.

Parks expressed her gratitude to the dedicated individuals, especially the South Side Easton community and Elaine Bender, who helped reunite her with her precious pet.

Despite the fear and uncertainty, Parks believes they “lost him in the best place to lose him.” A community’s concerted efforts have shown that sometimes, it really does take a village – or in this case, a city’s South Side – to find a lost cat.

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