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Ensuring Pet Safety: How Specific Crates Saved Dogs in a Near-Fatal Crash

ensuring pet safety

Ensuring Pet Safety: How Specific Crates Saved Dogs in a Near-Fatal Crash


A Miraculous Tale: Canine Survival in the Face of Danger

In a harrowing incident in Virginia Beach, a couple’s near-fatal car crash has a miraculous twist—thanks to a specific type of dog kennel that ensured the safety of their beloved pets.

Patrick McLaughlin and his wife faced a life-threatening situation, but their dogs, Yogi and Ollie, emerged unharmed, all thanks to the resilience of their Ruff Land kennels.

The Fateful Day: A Drunk Driver’s Impact

On January 22, as the couple headed to the airport in their brand-new Ford Transit, their lives took an unexpected turn. A drunk driver collided with them at a staggering 60 mph, turning what was meant to be a routine drive into a life-threatening situation.

However, the survival of their dogs, Yogi and Ollie, became a testament to the importance of choosing the right pet safety measures.

The Protective Kennels: A Shield Against Impact

Yogi and Ollie were securely nestled in individual Ruff Land kennels, crafted from high-density polyethylene—a tough and impact-resistant material.

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To enhance the protection, the couple wisely used tie-downs and carabiners to secure the kennels, preventing any tilting or shaking during the crash.

The combination of durable material and strategic restraint proved to be the key factor in the dogs walking away unharmed.

Critical Moments: Smoke, Containment, and First Responders

Post-collision, the van began to emit smoke, adding to the urgency of the situation. McLaughlin, thinking on his feet, managed to extricate his wife and the dogs from the vehicle.

The Ruff Land kennels remained intact, crucial for keeping the dogs contained as first responders arrived. This foresight prevented a potentially tragic scenario where panicked dogs might run onto the highway, a risk highlighted by the police and firefighters at the scene.

A Wise Investment: Kennels Inspired by a Terrifying Image

The decision to invest in these specific kennels was born out of a chilling image—a totaled Toyota 4Runner with the only recognizable item being an unharmed kennel.

McLaughlin and his wife, motivated by the adage “better safe than sorry,” decided to prioritize their dogs’ safety. This choice, influenced by the potential dangers of post-crash scenarios, turned out to be a life-saving one.

Choosing Size Wisely: Minimizing Impact Forces

Initially considering larger crates for their dogs’ comfort, the couple downsized after careful research. The goal was to reduce the risk of the dogs bouncing around if a collision were to occur. This strategic decision proved pivotal in ensuring the safety of Yogi and Ollie.

Beyond Seat Belts: Elevating Pet Safety Standards

Before adopting Ruff Land kennels, the couple used traditional seat belts and harness straps for their dogs. This responsible choice already set them apart, as only approximately 16 percent of pet owners use proper restraints, according to the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. Unsecured pets pose risks of distraction, injury, and even becoming projectiles in the event of a crash.

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Survival Amidst Adversity: The Ruff Land Difference

McLaughlin emphatically stated, “The only reason our dogs are alive is because we had them in [Ruff Land kennels].” This powerful testament underscores the critical role these specific crates played in averting a potential tragedy.

Legal Consequences: DUI Charge for the Drunk Driver

The drunk driver, identified as an 88-year-old man, now faces a DUI charge, as reported by 13 News Now. The legal ramifications serve as a reminder of the importance of responsible and sober driving to safeguard not only human lives but also the well-being of our cherished pets.

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