A Life-Transforming Journey: From Dog Lover to Cat Enthusiast

From Dog Lover to Cat Enthusiast

A Life-Transforming Journey: From Dog Lover to Cat Enthusiast


Have you ever found yourself debating between being a cat or a dog person? Elle Hunt, an avowed dog lover, never thought she would one day adopt a cat and, surprisingly, find true companionship. Here’s her story.

Of Dogs and Cats: A Personal Theory

Elle had always believed that those who identify as dog persons exhibit stereotypically cat-like traits: self-sufficiency, aloofness, fickleness, and a transactional approach to relationships.

Conversely, cat lovers are usually warm, friendly, and freely expressive with their affection. This viewpoint, largely shaped by her own adoration for dogs and their infectious enthusiasm and unbounded affection, evolved over time.

A Dog’s Unconditional Love

Elle’s love for dogs began early in her life. Their openness to friendship, their genuine enjoyment of life’s simplest pleasures, and their free-flowing affection were qualities she admired and aspired to.

SOURCE PHOTO: Elle Hunt with Vlada. Photograph: Elle Hunt
SOURCE PHOTO: Elle Hunt with Vlada. Photograph: Elle Hunt

For Elle, dogs were not just pets; they were life coaches. Ruby, her first Hungarian Vizsla, became a beloved companion and a constant reminder to enjoy life, connect with strangers, and assume the best in people.

Cat Adoption: A Leap Towards a Different Love

Over time, Elle’s circumstances kept her from owning a dog. Yet, she yearned for the companionship and stability that a pet brings. This led her to a startling realization that shifted her life’s trajectory.

She discovered she could adopt a cat, a pet that she had previously dismissed as aloof and capricious, only useful when dogs were not around.

Six weeks later, Elle brought home Vlada, a four-year-old rescue Cornish rex cat. Her cat, despite being categorically different from dogs, surprised her by offering a unique companionship that deeply touched Elle’s life.

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Lessons Learned From a Cat’s Company

Vlada, with her playful and affectionate demeanor, brought unexpected joy and companionship to Elle’s life. From following Elle around the house, waking her up when she overslept, to sleeping next to her at night, Vlada became a source of stability for Elle.

More than just companionship, Vlada helped Elle understand the importance of living in the present, enjoying what’s available now, rather than longing for a distant, uncertain future.

A Cat’s Love: A Warm, Funny-Looking Package

As a dog person, Elle never anticipated that a cat could have such an overwhelming personality. The love of a cat, though different from a dog’s or a human’s, is a kind of love that’s steady, present, and freely given.

It defies stereotypical views about cats, highlighting that love can be found in unexpected, sometimes funny-looking, packages.

The story of Elle and Vlada is a testament that love isn’t confined to a particular form, species, or breed. It’s a reminder that love can be found in unexpected places, and sometimes, it takes a small, funny-looking cat to help us see that.

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