Head-Turning Ale-Drinking Duck Injured in Doggy Dust-Up 

Head-Turning Ale-Drinking Duck Injured in Doggy Dust-Up 

Head-Turning Ale-Drinking Duck Injured in Doggy Dust-Up 


In an unexpected turn of events, the renowned beer-loving Indian Runner duck named Star found itself embroiled in a feathery feud with a dog, resulting in serious injuries.

Beloved for his unique habit of accompanying his owner to local pubs in Chulmleigh, Devon, this bird has certainly stirred up a buzz in the UK.

The Pint-Pouring Pub Adventures of Star, The Beer-Guzzling Duck 

Barrie Hayman, Star’s owner, has found an unusual drinking buddy in this charismatic duck. So much so that Star has his own bar stool in some establishments where he leisurely enjoys his ale.

However, this feathered fellow’s quirky antics took a wild turn when he came beak-to-snout with Barrie’s dog, Maggie, at their home.

Head-Turning Ale-Drinking Duck Injured in Doggy Dust-Up 

A Fierce Feud: The Duck, The Dog, and The Drama 

Barrie’s household recently experienced a feathery fracas when Star, the usually jovial duck, found himself in an altercation with Maggie, the family dog. According to reports by Bristol Live, the two pets have had previous standoffs, but this time, it escalated quickly.

Feathered Fighter Survives Doggy Brawl 

Star, the resident party duck, emerged from the fight with several injuries, including a split bottom beak. Barrie, witnessing the dramatic clash, suggested that Maggie had grown tired of the duck’s tipsy tomfoolery. Star, allegedly pushing his luck too far, incited Maggie to act out.

Immediate Rescue: Rushing Star to The Vet 

On seeing Star’s condition, Barrie immediately sought medical assistance for his feathered friend. At the vet, Star received painkillers to help cope with the aftermath of the brawl. Despite the incident’s severity, Star showcased his resilience, surprising the vets with his speedy recovery.

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Head-Turning Ale-Drinking Duck Injured in Doggy Dust-Up 

Ale-Loving Star’s Path to Stardom 

Star’s journey to fame began in 2011 when Barrie, a former scuba diving instructor, plucked him from the incubator. Over the years, he developed a peculiar palate for real ale and became a local celebrity in Devon’s pubs.

With a Facebook page under the name Star Hayman, the pint-loving duck has amassed quite a following, detailing his adventures, and yes, his love for wriggly worms.

An Uncertain Future: What’s Next for Star? 

This recent dog-duck debacle may mark the end of Star’s pub-crawling days. Barrie has expressed his concern over Star’s health, particularly the risks associated with anesthetics on small animals like ducks.

Nonetheless, Star remains a community icon, impressing all with his tenacity and zest for life.

For those interested in following the daily exploits of this extraordinary Indian Runner duck, Star Hayman’s Facebook page is a must-visit.

Star’s rise to fame and recent incidents underscore the unpredictability of animal interactions and the importance of supervising pets to prevent such altercations.

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