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The World’s 45 Most Common Pigeon Breeds That You Should Know About.

florentines pigeons

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The World’s 45 Most Common Pigeon Breeds That You Should Know About.


Pigeons are widely regarded as one of the most intelligent birds in the animal kingdom because pigeons can perform tasks that were once believed to be exclusively the province of humans and other primates.

Domestication of pigeons has occurred in many countries, primarily for the purpose of increasing food production.

Pigeon breeds have not only been developed for racing, but also for carrying massages, exhibiting, and providing entertainment. Pigeons are also kept by enthusiasts so they can participate in sporting events or flying competitions for fun.

Pigeons are the standard-bearers for the family of birds known as the Columbidae. Pigeons are typically larger birds, whereas doves are typically smaller ones.

The domestication of the Rock dove, which is generally believed to be the ancestor of pigeons that have been raised in captivity, most likely took place around 10,000 years ago.

They have a high rate of productivity and are more resistant to disease. Pigeons come in a wide variety of breeds and colors.

The Gola, the Domestic Pigeon, the Giribug, the Jalali, the Loton, the Oriental Frills/Frillback, the Shirajee, and the Kaka are the pigeons that are most frequently seen.


1). French Bagdad: Pigeon Breeds

This particular variety of pigeons was developed entirely in France; examples include the Great Wattled Bagdad, the Small Bagdad, the Steinheimer Bagdad, the Creech Bagdads, the Ostrava Bagdad, and the Syrian Bagdad.

french bagdad

They have a fiery appearance on the outside, which reflects both their strength and their spirit. They are large and robust in all aspects.

Their skulls are flat and their heads have a very narrow profile. The beak should measure approximately one and a half inches in length.


2). Barbs Pigeon Breed

A breed of fancy pigeon known as the Barb also referred to as the English Barb, was developed through many years of careful breeding selection.

barbs pigeon

The origin of this pigeon with a short face can be traced back to Europe roughly 400 years ago. The dense wattling that can be seen above the beak and around the eyes gives it an appearance similar to that of a frog.

This is the feature that draws the most attention. You can find barbs in a variety of colors, including black, red, dun, yellow, and white.


3). Carriers Pigeon Breed

A carrier pigeon is a type of homing bird that is used to carry messages from one location to another.

carriers pigeon

The vast majority of homing and racing-type varieties are employed in the delivery of messages. During World War 1 and World War 2, messages were delivered using carrier pigeons, which are the fundamental form of the Racing Homer.

They are not to be confused with English carriers, which were once employed to carry messages but are now bred primarily for their “carriage” and other show qualities.

These English carriers have been around for a very long time.


4). Cumulets Pigeon Breeds

Cumulus is the highflier of France, and this English name is most likely derived from the Latin word Cumulus, which refers to the sizeable white summer cloud.

cumulets pigeon

Cumulus is also the name of France’s highest mountain. The movement of the birds gives the appearance of a fluffy white cumulus cloud.

Show Cumulets and Flying Cumulets are both good examples of this breed.


5). Czechoslovakian Pigeons Breed

The breeds that are thought to be genuine include the Prague Tumbler, the Rakovnik Roller, the Brunner Pouter, the Moravian Saddle Pouter, the Czechsaddle Pouter, and the Swing Pouter, among others.

czechoslovakian pigeons

Eight different colors can be bred into the Prachen Kanik: black, blue, red, yellow, dun, brown, and khaki.


6). Damascenes, Mahomet’s Pigeon Breed

There is evidence that the species may have originated in either Turkey or Persia, and Damascene is an ancient breed that comes from Damascus, which is located in Syria.

damascenes, mahomet's pigeon

However, there is also evidence that the species may have originated in Egypt.

It wasn’t until about 200 years later, when the AD Treatise on Domestic Pigeons was written, that it was suggested that they were then called Mahomets because of their association with the Prophet Muhammad, who is considered to be the founder of Islam.


7). Dewlaps Pigeon Breed

There are a few different color varieties, including the blue-barred, the black, and other variations like the whitetail. These varieties are-

dewlaps pigeon

The word “alolaq” can also mean “black and white.” The Msawwad, which literally translates to “blackened,” is an all-black bird, with black being a gorgeous color.

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The Mawardi, which literally translates to “rose water,” has very peculiar water. The Mattel, which translates to “kinky” or “curly,” is comprised of three different varieties.

The color varieties are referred to as Mfattel (self-white), Abrush (meaning spotted or speckled), and Ash’ari, which translates to “hairy” or “shaggy.” The meaning of the name Reehani is “relating to the flower of basil.”


8). Dragoons Pigeon Breeds

The dragon-like carrier pigeons, also known as blue Dragoons, are an entirely English breed that was developed within the past two centuries.

dragoons pigeon

The Dragoon is a type of fancy pigeon that was developed after many years of careful breeding selection. It was one of the species that was utilized in the creation of the Homer racing machine.


9). Duchess Pigeons Breed

It would appear that the name “Duchess” refers to a breed of continental Mondain that is only used in the United States.

duchess pigeons

The species is of the appropriate size for a Mondrian diagram and has tarsi and feet that are heavily muffed.

Due to the heavy feathering on the leg, the Duchess gradually became extinct beginning around the year 1010 and can only be found in extremely small numbers in this country today.


10). Fantail Pigeon Breed

The Fantail is an ancient breed of cat that is believed by many to have originated in either India, China, or Spain.

fantail pigeon

Fantails are quite common in India. It is described as the broad-tailed shaker, and it is stated that some people refer to them as fantails.

This breed has probably undergone the least amount of outcrossing of any other breed.

The Fantail is a common variety of fancy pigeons, and one distinguishing feature of this pigeon is its tail, which is shaped like a fan and consists of 30 to 40 feathers.


11). Flights Pigeon Breeds

The American Domestic Flight is a product of the United States, having been developed primarily and almost entirely in the state of New York.

flights pigeon

New York is also the location where the Modern Show Flight is conceived.


12). Florentines Pigeons Breed

The Florentine is a breed of pigeon that belongs to the family of hen of the fowl pigeons.

florentines pigeons

The breed has its roots in Italy and was given its name after the city of Florence, which is located in that country. The Florentine is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon that is comparable in appearance to the Modena.


13).  Frillbacks Pigeon Breeds

The Frillbacks are a breed of chicken that dates back centuries and are thought to have originated in Asia Minor.

frillbacks pigeon

The Frillbacks are a breed of fancy pigeons that were developed after several years of breeding them selectively. The frill-like curls or ridges that can be found on the wing shield feathers give this species its name.

Additionally, the feather curl should be present at the tips of the muffs or foot feathers on the animal.


14). Golas or Golah Pigeon Breeds

The Gola is an animal that is indigenous to India, which also includes Bangladesh.

golas or golah pigeon

All of the pigeons in question are of the Gola variety, and they can be discovered living in rural areas all over Bangladesh. In the past, the Indo-Bangladesh subcontinent was home to a species of wild pigeon known as the Gola, which lived in large numbers.

The variety is a bird of medium size, with a maximum weight of 14 ounces; however, even within the same lofts, there is a significant amount of variation in size.


15). Goolee Pigeon Breeds

Another breed native to India, the Goolee appears to have been brought to the continent of Europe as well as the United Kingdom.

goolee pigeon

The Goolee is somewhat comparable to a Gola in terms of size and station. It also resembles a Gola in that it has clean legs, a relatively short beak, and wings that are carried below the tail.

It is primarily a white bird with various colored markings across its body, and it has a neck that is arched well and carries its head high.


16). Giribaz Or Tumblers Or Highfliers Pigeon Breed.

Pigeons have been domesticated in the Indo-Bangladesh subcontinent for a very long time, and one of the oldest known varieties of pigeons is called the Giribaz.

giribuz or tumblers or highfliers pigeon

The giribaz is slightly larger than the dove and typically has clean legs. It also has a shorter beak and a smaller head without the comb.

They are quite minuscule and come in a variety of hues. They move in peculiar ways, turning themselves backward over their heads and displaying a shape similar to that of footballs when they are in the air.

Tumblers have a white head, white flights, and a white tail, and their body color can range from black to blue and everything in between.


17). Helmets Pigeon Breeds

The first evidence of helmet pigeons dates back to the early 15th century, and it is believed that the breed originated in Germany sometime between the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

helmets pigeon breeds

The latter half of the 20th century saw the United States of America play a significant role in developing the Helmet as we know it today. It is a tumbler-like pigeon that ranges in size from medium to small and has a peppy and active personality.


18). Homers Pigeon Breed

There are several different types of Homer pigeons, the most notable of which are the Racing Homers, the Giant Homers, the Exhibition Homers, and the Genuine Homers.

homers pigeon breed

Homers that are used for racing include Squabbing Homers, German Beauty Homers, English Homing Birds, Belgian Racing Homers, and English Homing Birds.

The birds are exceptionally hardy, have a high production rate, and are excellent eaters.


19). Hungarians Pigeon Breeds

A Product of the Germanic countries, the Hungarian has been discussed by many German authors and they have provided exhaustive descriptions of it.

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hungarians pigeon breeds

Today, they have evolved into a bird with a striking appearance; it stands relatively tall on its legs, holds itself upright in the station, and its feathers are hard and close to the body.

It always has a smooth head and clean legs, and both the tarsi and eye ceres are a deep red color.


20). Ice Pigeons Breed

Because of the breed’s signature icy blue coloring, it has gained a lot of notoriety.

ice pigeons breed

It is believed to have originated in the region stretching from eastern Germany to western Poland, specifically in Saxony and Silesia, where early breeding took place.

The Ice pigeon comes in a few different varieties, each of which can be distinguished by the style and hue of the wing pattern.

Aside from a broad black band at the end of each tail, none of them have any other patterns, and the tips of their rectrices are white.


21). Jacobins Pigeon Breeds

The Jacobin is a type of fancy pigeon that was developed after a long period and many years of selective breeding.

jacobins pigeon

The feathered hood that it wears over its head distinguishes this species. It is a type of domestic pigeon that belongs to one of the older breeds.

Both Schachtzabel (1910) and Aldrovandi (1603), who refers to the Jacobin as the Cyprus pigeon, give India the country where it originated.

Jacobins can be found in a variety of colors, including black, blue with black bars, red, yellow, white, and silver.


22). Jalali Pigeon Breeds

It would appear from the records that Hazrat Shajalal (R:) brought pigeons with him when he traveled to this land; consequently, the pigeon that bears his name is known as a Jalali pigeon.

jalali pigeon

The pigeons are about the size of a chicken and are mostly gray with black stripes on their wings. They do not have combs on their heads and have clean legs.

They prefer to lead lives that are untethered from one another and widely dispersed across the globe.


23). Kings Pigeon Breeds

The Kings are an American-bred guinea fowl breed that was developed specifically for both meat production and exhibition.

kings pigeon

There are many distinct subspecies of the King pigeon, including the White King, the Silver King, the Red King, the Blue King, the Yellow King, the Black King, and the Dun King.

This particular variety lacks both a crest and plumage on the head and the legs.


24). Lebanon Pigeon Breeds

It is believed that Syria is the country of origin for the rare Asian breed known as the Lebanon pigeon.

lebanon pigeon

It can be bred in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, blue, and black, and it frequently has white bars or spangles on its body.

Lebanon gives off the impression of being a colored pigeon because it has white wing bars and alternating colored and white feathers on its flights and tail.


25).  Magpies Pigeon Breeds

Around the year 1900, tumbler pigeons from Denmark were brought to Germany by way of Germany, and these were the ancestors of the modern Magpie.

magpies pigeon

A great deal of time and effort went into developing this breed of sporting pigeon, which resulted in its name. It was common practice in England to refer to the magpie as the “Queen of the Pigeons.”

A shimmering iridescent metallic sheen can be seen on the head, neck, breast, back, saddle, and tail of the creature.

Magpies can be found in a variety of colors, including yellow, blue, dun, and silver, but the black variety is typically the most sought-after and expensive.


26). Maltese Pigeons Breed

The Maltese Pigeon is a member of the hen or four pigeon groups and was initially developed in Southern Germany and Australia.

maltese pigeons

The bird should be thought of as having a short, hard, and compact body, and it should not be so heavy that it detracts from the grace and elegance of its figure.

It should have a high head carriage, and when being driven, the head should be moved almost back to the tail.


27). Martham’s Pigeon Breeds

A Magpie variety that is either substantial or self-colored is called a Martham.

martham's pigeon

Self-colored versions of black, reds, yellows, creams, duns, and whites, as well as other colors, have been manufactured.

The body of the Gazzi pied, also known as the “Magpies” variety, is white, but the head, part of the wings, throat, and tail are colored in the Florentine style.


28). Modenas Pigeon Breeds

The Modena is a breed that originated in Italy.

modenas pigeon

It gets its name from the city of Modena, where it was first bred and where it has continued to be bred for centuries.

This breed was developed in the city of Modena, not to show or breed squabs, but rather for the sport of flying known as triganieri.

“Well-rounded” or “boat-shaped” is the best way to describe a good Modena pigeon.


29).  Mondain Pigeon Breeds

The Mondain breed of pigeons has both Italian and French roots.

mondain pigeon

Pigeons have been bred selectively for many years to develop the French Mondain, which is a type of fancy pigeon. It was initially developed in France as a pigeon for agricultural and industrial use.

There are two distinct types of French Mondain, and they are known as clean-legged and feathered-legged, respectively.


30). Monks Pigeons Breed

The Monk is a German Toy that can be purchased either muffled or with its legs cleaned.

monks pigeons

There is a breed of fancy pigeons known as the Saxon monk and the South German monk.

There are five different colors of monk pigeons, which include blue, black, red, yellow, and silver with white bars or spangles on them.

The Monk got its name from the white cap that it wears, and it is characterized by having short legs, a low and squatty station, and a plain head, though there are examples of it that have crests.


31). Nicobar Pigeon Breeds

The Nicobar pigeon is the only living member of the genus Caloenas and is endemic to the island of Nicobar in the Indian Ocean.

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nicobar pigeon

It has a large head that is gray in color, and greed and copper hackles that reach toward the chest. The breast and the rest of the garment are dark gray.

However, the majority of the plumage is a metallic green color. The tail is short and white.


32).  Nuns Pigeon Breeds

The Nun is a breed of showing pigeon that was developed over many decades through the process of selective breeding.

nuns pigeon

In continental Europe, this breed was also known as the Dutch Shell Pigeon. Before being bred specifically for exhibition purposes, this dog was originally a flying tumbler, making it one of the oldest breeds.

They should have a beak that is straight but robust, and their eyes should be a pearly white color. Their bodies are mostly white.


33). Oriental Frills Pigeons Breed

It is originally a Turkish pigeon breed specially bred for the Ottoman Sultans in Manisa Palac, Turkey.

oriental frills pigeons

The variety is divided into several colors and marking variations, with Blondinettes and Satinettes being the most common. Some are clean-legged, but the majority of the types are grouse-muffed both as to tarsi and feet.


34). Polish Lynx Pigeon Breeds

The Polish Lynx was initially produced in Poland and is recognized as a utility pigeon.

polish lynx pigeon

The original Lynx in Poland was said to have been an enormous field pigeon, dark blue with white being and bars, both bareheaded and shell and peak-crested.

They are well developed, plain-headed, wide between eyes, and the beak is dark in color and medium length.


35). Portuguese Pigeons Breed

Portugal’s native breeds have four distinctive breeds: Mariola, Mariolinha, Cambalhota, and Criador.

portuguese pigeons

There is a distinct pattern of spots and bars found on the plumage of every colored-feather bird.

It is distinguished by having the tallest pigeon, being in the correct station, having the girthiest slanders, and having the smallest weight.


36). Victoria Crown Pigeon Breeds

The Victoria crown pigeon is a large bird that is bluish-gray in color and has ornate blue crests that resemble blue lace.

victoria crown pigeon

It has maroon breasts and a red iris. This bird is significant for both its plumages and its meat, and its name honors Queen Victoria, the monarch of the United Kingdom.


37). Toys (German Toys) Pigeon Breeds

Pigeon breeds that are known as “German Toys” in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America had their origins in Germany.

toys (german toys) pigeon

Archangels, also known as Starlings, Ice pigeons, and Latz, also known as Breast pigeons, Manks, Moulters, Priests, and Shields are all examples of German Toys.


38). Starlings Pigeons Breed

The Starlings pigeon has been around for a significant amount of time and can be traced its roots back to Thuringia and South Germany.

starlings pigeons

Because of the striking resemblance of the breed’s breast markings to those of the Staling, it was given that species’ name.

There are 12 different color varieties available, and some of the variants have plain heads while others have shell-crested heads.


39).  Strasser Pigeon Breeds

The Strasser is a race that has a simple head and clean legs, and its head, neck, wings, and tail are colored in the same manner as those of the Gazzi.

strasser pigeon

In addition to its use as an exhibit at pigeon shows, this breed is also put to practical use in the production of squabs for human consumption.

Strasser can be bred to produce a wide range of color variations, including blue, black, white-barred, blue-checkered, and blue-barless.


40). Smerle Pigeon Breeds

The Smerle was invented in Belgium in the early 1800s and its roots can be traced back to the province of Liege.

smerle pigeon

It is speculated that the owl, the Turbit, and the Cumulet were involved in the mating that resulted in its creation.

The bird has an arched head, a capacious skull, very firm flight feathers of great breadth, and a deep and well-muscled breast bone. Additionally, the bird’s flight feathers are very broad.


41). Giant Runt: The Biggest Pigeon Breeds

The giant runt pigeon is the breed of pigeon that is considered to be the most popular or the largest.

giant runt

It is one of the pigeon’s oldest species, and the American Runt of today is a magnificently large bird with a significantly large head and full neck.

The American Runt is much more demanding and has tighter feathers than the continental and English Runts, and it is also one of the oldest species of pigeon. It always has a clear head and stands on its own two feet.


42). Pink Pigeon: Rarest Pigeon Breeds

The Pink Pigeon is the most uncommon variety of pigeon.

pink pigeon

In the 1990s, they came perilously close to going extinct, and even today, they are difficult to find. This particular species of pigeon, known scientifically as Nesoenas mayeri, can only be found on the island of Mauritius.

The length of an adult bird, from beak to tail, is approximately 36-38 centimeters, and its weight is approximately 350 grams.


43). Valencian Figura: The Smallest Pigeon Breeds

The Valencian Figurita is a breed of fancy pigeon that dates back a hundred years to Valencia, Spain.

valencian figura

It is the tiniest of the breed, weighing only 4-6 ounces, and it is the smallest breed overall.

They are well-known for their diminutive size, frilled chest feathers, angular head shape, and perky demeanor.


44). Coral Eyes Pigeon Breeds 

The coral eye is a breed that is quite common in Bengal, India, but it is almost unheard of in other parts of the world.

coral eyes pigeon

There are two distinct breeds of the coral look: one is a short bird similar to a barb, and it typically has black bars; the other breed is called the Indian Coral eye, and it carries itself in a more upright carriage.


45). Siamese Pigeons Breed

Due to the stunning appearance of Siamese white pigeons, they are a popular choice for keeping as pets.

siamese pigeons

Because of their white bodies, they almost resemble the doves of peace that are traditionally associated with the color white.

In addition to being admired for the exquisite quality of their singing, they can be found in many different parts of the world. If they receive the appropriate care and attention throughout their lives, the birds can live for up to ten years.

Final Thoughts On Different Pigeon Breeds

Pigeons are cherished as pets by a great number of people.

If they receive the appropriate care and attention throughout their lives, pigeons can live for more than 30 years. Pigeons are beneficial to the environment because they keep the population of harmful insects in check.

Additionally, their droppings can be used as fertilizer in vegetable gardens, and their feathers can be used as raw materials in manufacturing.

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