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Family Ties: Nissi Defends Burna Boy, Slams Davido’s “New Cat” Remark

nissi defends burna boy slams davido's "new cat" remark

Family Ties: Nissi Defends Burna Boy, Slams Davido’s “New Cat” Remark


In an intriguing development within the African music scene, Nissi, Burna Boy’s sister, has taken to social media in defense of her brother, responding to popular Nigerian artist, Davido, who recently categorized Burna Boy as a ‘new cat’ in the Afrobeat music industry.

Davido’s Provocative Comments

In a recent interview, Davido sparked an online furor by labeling a range of artists, including Burna Boy, Fireboy Dml, Rema, Mayorkun, and Asake, as the ‘new cats’ in the Afrobeat music scene.

According to him, both he and fellow music heavyweight, Wizkid, have been pioneers, paving the way for these emerging talents.

Nissi’s Fiery Response

Nissi, a singer in her own right, and fiercely protective of her brother Burna Boy, didn’t take Davido’s comments lightly. Posting a video of Burna Boy’s performance at a concert to her Instagram story, she cheekily captioned it, “New cats are facing their struggle.”

This was a clear response to Davido’s remarks, a signal that she wasn’t appreciative of his claims. Her actions set social media ablaze, with fans and followers weighing in on the growing controversy.

Public Reactions

Several Instagram users expressed their thoughts on the unfolding drama. Instagram user Omalichawa__ humorously suggested, “Davido in his room laughing… e don wake Goliath.”

Another, Rosythrone, praised Wizkid, remarking, “Na why I like Wizkid so, he no fit involve himself for children beef.”

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Others, like Sharonofficial, felt that Davido’s comments were disrespectful to Burna Boy, a sentiment not shared by Leaddyskincare, who argued that Davido and Wizkid indeed began their careers earlier than Burna Boy, thereby giving them pioneering status.

Ella._pretty, meanwhile, maintained, “The funny thing is Davido has always been more than Burna Boy, any good listener can testify.”

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For an in-depth look at the careers and accomplishments of Burna Boy, Davido, and Wizkid, follow these links. To see more about the thriving Afrobeat music industry, its development, and key players, click here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unfolding story, and follow the hashtags #BurnaBoy, #Davido, #Wizkid, and #Afrobeat for the latest happenings.

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