A Tale of Reunion: The Return of Kizzy, the 25-Year-Old Cat

The Return of Kizzy, the 25-Year-Old Cat

A Tale of Reunion: The Return of Kizzy, the 25-Year-Old Cat


The Inevitable Heartbreak of Losing a Pet

It’s an indescribable pain that pet owners face when their beloved companions disappear or cross the rainbow bridge. The void that a pet leaves behind, be it from passing away or getting lost, can change the entire dynamic of a home.

For those mourning the loss of a pet, there’s a finality, but the heartbreak of a lost pet lingers, with unanswered questions and the enduring hope for a reunion.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Kizzy: A Prolonged Agony

Alison and Dean Lyng experienced this prolonged agony when their 25-year-old deaf cat, Kizzy, vanished without a trace. Days turned into weeks, and still, Kizzy was nowhere to be found.

The lingering question – “Where is Kizzy?” – haunted them as their hopes of seeing their beloved feline began to wane.

the return of kizzy

A Ray of Hope: The Discovery of an Emaciated Senior Cat

In an unexpected twist, late in May, a severely emaciated senior cat was discovered near a gutter, surviving off scraps and infested with fleas. The rescuer, Natasha McPhee, took her to a nearby shelter.

The senior cat’s claws had grown extremely long, hindering her movement. Without a microchip, the shelter staff assumed the cat, now named Moose, was a stray and embarked on her recovery journey.

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Social Media to the Rescue: A Fateful Facebook Post

Despite Moose not being microchipped, Natasha had a feeling that the cat might have a family somewhere missing her. So, she took to the Facebook public group, ‘Animals Lost and Found in Kent,’ in hopes of finding her family.

the return of kizzy

And as luck would have it, Alison stumbled upon the post and immediately recognized Moose as their lost Kizzy.

The Emotional Reunion: Kizzy Returns Home

Unable to believe their luck, Alison and Dean eagerly returned to the shelter to bring Kizzy home. After confirming her improved health and removal of ticks, the couple was reunited with their cherished pet.

Natasha joyously updated her Facebook post, confirming the successful reunion of Kizzy with her family. The extraordinary survival and eventual homecoming of Kizzy, who is 116 in human years, left everyone in awe.

A Moment to Cherish: A Father-Cat Reunion

Upon arriving home, Kizzy immediately recognized Dean’s scent. Overwhelmed with emotion, she cried out in what could only be interpreted as joy.

The video of Dean and Kizzy’s reunion, shared by Alison, was a testament to their strong bond. Overjoyed, but also amazed, Alison couldn’t help but marvel at Kizzy’s survival, stating, “Most cats don’t get to that age indoors, let alone outside on their own.”

This extraordinary tale of Kizzy’s survival and reunion highlights the indomitable spirit of animals and the enduring bonds they share with their humans.

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