Pregnancy In Pitbulls: How To Care For Your Pitbull Until Delivery.

Pregnancy In Pitbulls

Pregnancy In Pitbulls: How To Care For Your Pitbull Until Delivery


As usual, the day was going about its business when I suddenly noticed my young Pitbull acting strangely.

I noticed that she wasn’t eating nearly as much as usual, didn’t want to go on our regular daily walk, and was extremely affectionate.

I realized right away that something wasn’t quite right. Knowing that these signs had previously been observed in other dogs during pregnancy, I examined her stomach and discovered that her nipples had swelled significantly.

Your dog’s swollen nipples are the first sign that she is pregnant. This was the second time that my Pitbull had gone into heat in a short period.

As soon as I learned that my neighbor’s Pitbull and my young Pitbull had mated, I knew that my young Pitbull was pregnant.

A Pitbull’s pregnancy can be frightening, confusing, and exciting simultaneously, and I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about a Pitbull’s pregnancy.

How To Find Out If You Have A Pregnant Pitbull!

Female Pitbulls can become pregnant while they are in heat, which occurs approximately every six months.

However, the first time your pup shows signs of being in heat (estrus) can occur as late as fifteen months, depending on the breed.

Indications That Your Pitbull Is In Heat.

If you know when your Pitbull is in heat, you can watch for signs of pregnancy later on.

pregnancy in pitbulls

Whether you are hoping for pregnancy or simply keeping an eye out for signs, the first step is understanding when your dog enters the estrus cycle. Given the fact that every breed is unique, it can be difficult to determine when your dog is in heat.

These are a few signs to know that your dog is in the midst of its estrus cycle:

  • Inflamed genital organs or swollen 
  • A period of discharge from the vulva that is light pink.
  • Behaviour that is more affectionate or more aggressive
  • Urination regularly
  • More friendly or submissive to male dogs (regardless of the breed)

If you’re planning on breeding your Pitbull, give them plenty of opportunities to socialize with other male breeds during this time.

Once your dog’s estrus cycle is complete, keep an eye out for signs of pregnancy, especially if you are trying to breed adorable puppies.

Pitbull Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms.

Because dogs do not show signs of pregnancy right away, it can be difficult to notice the signs of pregnancy.

Early signs of a Pitbull pregnancy include changes in behaviour and appetite, indicating that she is pregnant.

Although most dog breeds will not show signs of pregnancy until the third or fourth week after mating, taking them to the veterinarian a few weeks after they have mated is a good practice.

The following are some signs of Pitbull pregnancy:

  • One month (approximately thirty days) after mating, mucusy discharge is observed.
  • Her nipples will become more vibrant in color and swell.
  • During her pregnancy, she gained approximately thirty-seven to thirty-eight pounds.
  • It is possible to experience a decrease in appetite and become more affectionate or lazy.
  • The appetite of your Pitbull will increase during the second stage of pregnancy.

The majority of the signs will not be visible until your Pitbull is in her second trimester of pregnancy. However, after about forty days, you will notice a slight increase in the size of your Pitbull’s abdomen.

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How To Find Out If Your Pitbull Is Pregnant.

As soon as you suspect a Pitbull is pregnant, make sure to take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible.

A dog’s pregnancy test will be performed at the veterinarian’s office, and the results will either be negative or positive depending on the level of hormones in your Pitbull’s urine.

If your Pitbull’s diagnosis is positive, your veterinarian will schedule weekly or biweekly prenatal appointments to ensure that she has the healthiest pregnancy possible during her pregnancy.

Your veterinarian will provide you with the best recommendations for feeding your pregnant Pitbull, how to care for her, and what to expect in the coming weeks.

What Is The Gestation Period Of  Pitbulls Like In pregnancy?

The gestation period of a Pitbull is approximately fifty-seven to sixty-five days from the time of conception to the time of birth (nine weeks or two months and one week).

Pitbulls, like humans, are capable of having pregnancies that are past their due date. If your Pitbull has been pregnant for more than sixty-five days, your veterinarian will schedule an emergency C-section for your convenience.

In spite of this, most dogs have a relatively simple pregnancy and almost always give birth on schedule. C-sections are not very common in the United States.

What To Expect During Pitbull’s Gestational Period.

First and foremost, make certain that your Pitbull has plenty of space during pregnancy and only gives attention when she specifically requests it.

Some Pitbulls become extremely territorial during their pregnancies, so make sure you have a specific area set aside for her where she will be able to give birth.

Most Pitbulls prefer to create their own labor space if you do not provide one for them, making it difficult to assist her in labor if she requires assistance. When preparing the labor site, make certain that there are no other pets, children, or a lot of traffic in the area.

A whelp room can be anything from a second bathroom to a storage room to even a laundry room where only one person does the washing and folding.

What Number Of Puppies A Pitbull Can Have?

Pitbulls should not be allowed to reproduce more than four times.

The number of puppies your Pitbull could have is determined primarily by her age and size and the health of her pregnancy, and whether or not this is her first pregnancy.

When your Pitbull is pregnant for the first time, she will only give birth to up to five Pitbull pups. She can, however, produce up to ten children if she has another pregnancy.

The number of puppies determines how healthy and how old your Pitbull is and how big she is. Aspects such as size and weight are important considerations.


When you take your Pitbull to the veterinarian for the first time to determine whether or not she is pregnant, ask the doctor to check for hereditary health issues such as hip dysplasia.

Caring for a pregnant Pitbull can be challenging because you must monitor their stress level, feed them a high-protein diet, and ensure that they receive adequate exercise.

Considering all of these factors, you can predict how many puppies your girl will have and how many of them will survive.


Larger breeds are more likely to have more puppies than smaller breeds because they are more safely able to carry more.

On average, based solely on the size of your Pitbull, you can expect between five and six puppies.


The older your pregnant Pitbull is, the fewer puppies she is likely to be able to produce.

In addition, the number of puppies produced by a Pitbull during her first pregnancy is typically lower.

The bottom line on how many puppies Pitbulls have is as follows: If your Pitbull is of average size, age, and overall health, you should expect no less than three puppies and no more than ten puppies.

Stages Of Pregnancy In A Pitbull.

Your Pitbull has been pregnant for an average of nine weeks, and she goes through four different stages during that period.

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The first stage begins with the beginning of the menstrual cycle, and the second stage is the actual pregnancy itself. The third stage is where the puppies develop, and the final stage is when the puppies are born.

During the nine-week process, you are responsible for ensuring that your mama Pitbull is happy, healthy, and gets enough physical activity.

  • The first stage is called estrus.

Dogs go into heat after six months of age, which is the estrus stage when their mucus discharge becomes thick and contains spots of pink blood.

This is the stage at which males become attracted to the scent, and your female is ready to become pregnant. If you do not become pregnant at this point, you will have to wait another six months before you can try again. Estrus lasts approximately two to three weeks.

  • The second stage is when the pregnancy has been confirmed.

It’s difficult to tell if your Pitbull is pregnant during the first few weeks of her pregnancy. On the other hand, a positive pregnancy test should appear after thirty days.

Upon bringing your dog to the veterinarian, they will receive bi-weekly checkups to ensure that they are in good health and that the pups are doing well and possible x-ray screenings.

  • The third stage is the process of growth

According to the American Pitbull Association, Pitbull pregnancies can last up to sixty-five days, or two months and one week.

In the third stage or roughly week four in a Pitbull pregnancy – the puppies already have heartbeats, and their fetuses are beginning to take shape and develop.

The development of eyelids and other organs begins in the second month. After the third month, all puppies begin to position themselves in the birthing canal in preparation for delivery.

  • The fourth stage is Labor 

Your Pitbull will begin to pant and become extremely restless as soon as the first signs of labor appear.

Her mucus plug will come out (resulting in a clear fluid discharge), and she may become ill and anti-social due to this. The first stage of labor is when she is on the lookout for a suitable location for giving birth.

Deliveries will take place every thirty to sixty minutes, and it may take up to twenty-four hours before she delivers her final puppy to the world. Make certain that you find out exactly how many puppies you can expect with an ultrasound.

A Week-By-Week Guide To Pitbull Pregnancy.

Your Pitbull will need to be closely monitored throughout the entire nine-week pregnancy period if you want to ensure a healthy and successful outcome for your Dog.

What you should be aware of is as follows:

Week One: In most cases, a veterinarian is unable to confirm pregnancy during the first week. The embryos begin to form this week, indicating that your Pitbull has had a successful mating experience.

Weeks Two and Three: There are no adjustments required in the second week. But if you are certain that your Pitbull has conceived, you should consider changing her diet and nutrition. At this point, the puppies are in the process of transitioning from cells to embryos.

Week Four: After twenty-one days, a positive pregnancy test can be performed by a veterinarian to confirm the pregnancy.

Your Pitbull’s pups are starting to take shape and take on the appearance of baby puppies. Pregnancy signs will become visible by the fourth week of the pregnancy.

Week Five: At this point, your Pitbull puppies begin to resemble what they will look like once they are born.

You might be able to tell their gender at this point, and your mother’s abdomen will begin to grow at this point as well. This week, she must make significant changes to her diet and exercise routine.

Week Six: Mama Pitbull’s nipples grow in size and color this week, becoming more noticeable and darker. Her puppies develop their markings and a distinct appearance as they grow older.

Week Seven: Excessive shedding and increased appetite characterize this week’s activities. This week, make sure your pregnant Pitbull is getting plenty of calcium and protein.

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Week Eight: There is only one more week until labor begins, and you may begin to notice signs of early labor during this week.

However, it is preferable to keep the puppies in there for a little longer because they would be born prematurely at eight weeks.

This week marks the beginning of nesting if you have not already begun the process of establishing a safe environment for her to give birth to her puppies.

Week Nine: This week marks the culmination of everything that has been building up to this point. Mama Pitbull’s appetite will have diminished by now, and she will become extremely lazy throughout the remainder of the week.

Taking Care Of A Pitbull That Is Pregnant.

You must devote your complete and immediate attention to the care of a pregnant Pitbull.

If your Pitbull is pregnant, make sure they switch to puppy food, which contains all the nutrients needed to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

When you reach the fourth week, you should increase the amount of food you give your Pitbull by approximately 25%. A pregnant Pitbull requires one to two hours of daily exercise during pregnancy, depending on her size.

Make sure that you schedule vet visits every two weeks to avoid complications. Make sure your Pitbull sleeps in a quiet and comfortable environment to avoid any complications.

It is acceptable to have her mate accompany her – but only if she agrees to it (no growling or possessive behavior). Essentially, you must make accommodations to meet her needs and preferences.

Growling and snapping at you or other pets are some of the warning signs that she is not comfortable in her surroundings.

Pitbulls Give Birth In A Variety Of Ways.

Pitbulls give birth through the vaginal canal, and if you are ready and prepared to assist her in giving birth, make certain that she completely trusts you before proceeding.

If she does not have faith in the process, the labor can become extremely stressful, and she may even lose a pup.

Always have clean towels, rubber gloves on, alcohol, sterile scissors, and your veterinarian’s phone number on speed dial handy when performing a procedure.

Keep in mind that you are only there to assist her if she requires it. The instincts of most Pitbulls kick in, and they only require your assistance if there is a problem.

Pitbull Labor And Delivery: The Stages Of The Process.

The signs of labor in a pregnant Pitbull are divided into three stages:

Stage One.

You may notice that your Pitbull becomes restless and anxious suddenly. When she asks for it, you should comfort her and stay out of her way when she doesn’t want to be comforted.

Along with panting and pacing, she may refuse treats or food if offered. Contractions have begun and are expected to last between six and twelve hours until the baby’s delivery.

Stage Two.

Your first puppy should be born within two hours of the first visible signs of contractions appearing on their belly (similar to your Pitbull pooping).

It could take up to some four hours for the next puppy to be delivered after the first one has been delivered.

Stage Three.

Pitbulls are responsible for delivering the placenta to each puppy after birth. If you don’t see the placenta delivered within thirty minutes, you should contact your veterinarian.

Placentas should be distributed in proportion to the number of puppies. Following the birth of the last pup, your Pitbull will become extremely thirsty and exhausted. Allow her to have her own space with her new litter.

To summarize.

The most important thing you can do to help a Pitbull through her pregnancy is to build trust with her and make sure she receives proper nutrition and adequate daily exercise.

If you have any questions about your Pitbull’s pregnancy, keep her veterinarian’s phone number handy in case there are any emergencies during the course of the pregnancy.

Remember that Pitbulls should have no more than four litters in their lifetime, and the number of puppies determines the age, health, and size of the pups in each litter.

Being prepared from the beginning of the pregnancy’s signs and stages will make a difference in having a healthy and successful Pitbull pregnancy.

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