400-Pound Roughtail Stingray Spotted in New England Waters

400-Pound Roughtail Stingray Spotted in New England Waters

Rare Discovery: 400-Pound Roughtail Stingray Spotted in New England Waters


Unveiling a Majestic Giant in the Depths

In the realm of marine wonders, an awe-inspiring discovery has unfolded, captivating scientists and nature enthusiasts alike.

A colossal 400-pound roughtail stingray, measuring over 6 feet in length and spanning an astonishing 5 feet in width, has emerged from the depths of the Long Island Sound.

This remarkable revelation was made possible by The Long Island Sound Trawl Survey in collaboration with the Connecticut Fish and Wildlife crew.

A Marvel in the Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound, a serene tidal estuary nestled between Connecticut and New York, became the stage for an encounter with a creature of immense proportions. What sets this encounter apart is the rarity of the find.

While the Bathytoshia centroura, commonly known as the roughtail stingray, is a familiar presence along the Atlantic coast from New England to Florida, it rarely ventures into these specific waters, as reported by Connecticut Fish and Wildlife in a Facebook post.

The Gentle Giant of the Depths

Intriguingly, the roughtail stingray is equipped with a venomous spine in its tail, yet it remains a creature of remarkable serenity. It tends to avoid shallow waters frequented by swimmers and displays a non-aggressive demeanor.

The process of capturing this gentle giant was meticulous and compassionate. Instead of rolling the animal over in its trawl net, the crew gently hoisted it onto the boat, allowing for precise measurements.

400-pound roughtail stingray spotted in new england waters

A Graceful Return to the Depths

Following the careful measurements, an act of conservation unfolded. The crew promptly returned the magnificent roughtail stingray to its aquatic domain, watching in wonder as it swam away, alive and well.

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This act of respect for the creature’s natural habitat underscores the commitment to preserving the delicate balance of marine life in the Long Island Sound.

A Day of Extraordinary Catches

The day’s maritime adventure held more in store than the roughtail stingray’s awe-inspiring presence. In addition to this majestic discovery, the crew also encountered another notable inhabitant of the deep: the cobia, a formidable predatory fish.

This species, scientifically known as Rachycentron canadum, can attain weights of up to 150 pounds and grow up to 6 feet in length.

Historically, cobias have been associated with Delaware and Maryland. However, in response to the warming waters driven by climate change, these impressive creatures are now making their presence felt in New England waters, adding an exciting dimension to the region’s marine biodiversity.

Documenting the New Normal

The significance of these discoveries extends beyond the realm of fascination. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection relies on the invaluable data collected by Connecticut Fish and Wildlife to document and understand the evolving dynamics of the underwater world.

These insights shed light on “the new normal” observed in these waters, a testament to the ever-changing tapestry of our natural environment.

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