Silken Windhound Dog Breed: Personality Traits And General Information

Silken Windhound

Silken Windhound Dog Breed: Personality Traits And General Information




If you’ve ever dreamed of a petite, curvy dog with a long, flowing coat and soulful eyes, then you’ve dreamed of a Silken Windhound. They are similar in appearance to a miniature Borzoi and have a similar build.

These friendly canines trace their ancestry back to the larger Borzoi, the Whippet with the shorter coat and a little bit of Sheltie, but they are now considered to be a breed unto itself.

Silkens are frequently the preferred companion animals of Borzoi owners who desire a comparable but more manageable breed of dog. They are, in fact, quite similar to the Borzoi, even though their typical weight range is between 20 and 45 pounds.

Their silky coats can be found in various colors and patterns, and they must be brushed once a week to keep the tangles at bay. They do shed, but not to an abnormal degree.

The Silken Windhound, like all of his sighthound cousins, is a runner at heart and possesses a great urge to pursue whatever catches his attention.

However, he is somewhat more trainable than the other members of the Greyhound family. He is also in the likelihood to do well in dog parks and is likely to be reasonably easy to train to come when called, even when he is a young dog.

Silken Windhounds are normally well-mannered and maintain a spotless appearance. Silken Windhounds generally get along quite well with people of all ages, including children, cats, and other dogs.

Because they are house dogs, they will always be grateful if they have a comfortable resting spot. It’s fantastic that we can share the couch with you.

The History Silken Windhound

The majority of sighthound breeds are enormous in size.

silken windhound

Francie Stull, a breeder of Borzois, desired a medium-sized sighthound with a coat more similar to that of her Borzois and ended up breeding Whippets. Whippets are considered to be sighthounds.

She was unable to locate anything comparable, so she decided to create a new breed that would fulfill all of her requirements, which included the following: an elegant, medium-sized hound with an affectionate and self-assured personality; a long, silky, and easy-care coat; and the ability to come in all sighthound colors and color combinations.

Beginning with Borzoi, she bred them with little lurchers based on the Whippet, as well as Whippets descended from show and coursing lines.

Although the first litter of dogs that would later be known as Silken Windhounds was born in 1985, the breed did not officially receive its name until 1998.

The International Silken Windhound Society was established in 1999 and is responsible for the upkeep of all silken Windhound pedigrees and DNA-verified registrations. In the year 2001, a breed standard was approved.

Silken Windhounds can be found in all 50 states of the United States, as well as in Austria, the Bahamas, Canada, Finland, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Japan, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the Union of South Africa.

However, the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club do not acknowledge them as legitimate dogs.

Temperament And Personality Of The Silken Windhound

The Silken Windhound has a disposition that is quite outgoing, and he makes an excellent family pet due to his amiable nature.

silken windhound

He is happiest when he is with his human pack, and he enjoys being a part of everything they do together. He picks up new skills quickly and is always willing to do what his owner asks of him.

He needs to work out every day since his body is designed for sprinting at extremely high speeds, but he also knows how to unwind and take it easy when needed.

He is kind, but he is not the least bit afraid or nervous. The Silken Windhound, much like other sighthounds, is a clever and self-reliant canine that can be both friendly and distant.

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Although he possesses a powerful predatory drive, he presents himself as calm and well-balanced. If he is nurtured among children, he is well-suited for families with children and gets along well with other animals.

The Silken Windhound puppy ought to get started on their training as soon as possible. Even at the age of 8 weeks, he can grasp the concept of polite behavior.

Be sure to begin training before he is six months old; otherwise, you will have a larger, more independent dog to handle by the time he reaches that age.

Beginning when he is 10 to 12 weeks old (after he has started receiving his puppy vaccines), enroll him in a puppy kindergarten class, and continue his training as he gets older.

Most essential, socialize. During his first few months as a puppy, it is important to socialize your Silken Windhound by exposing him to as many new people, settings, and experiences as possible.

By the time he is 4 months old, he should have met at least 100 unique people from various backgrounds. Maintain a presence in the neighborhood of your neighborhood coffee shop or post office and make an effort to ingratiate him to everyone who passes by.

You could also start having people over to your house so he can get used to having company. These experiences he had when he was a young dog will help him develop into an adult dog that is wise and relaxed.

Talk to a breeder of Silken Windhounds who has a good reputation and plenty of expertise.

Provide a detailed explanation of the characteristics you seek in a canine companion and solicit advice from others before making a puppy purchase.

Once they are familiar with your way of life and personality, breeders can provide uncannily correct recommendations because they see the puppies daily.

Pick a puppy that has been well socialized from birth by the breeder and comes from a family with pleasant qualities for both its parents.

The Health Of The Silken Windhound

It is possible for any dog, just as it is possible for any human to inherit a particular illness, for a dog to suffer hereditary health problems.

silken windhound

If a breeder does not offer a health guarantee on their puppies, if they tell you the breed is 100 percent healthy and does not have any problems, or if they tell you that their puppies are isolated or separated from the main part of the household for reasons related to their health, you should avoid working with that breeder as quickly as possible.

A breeder with a good reputation will be forthright and honest when discussing the prevalence of her lines’ health issues in relation to those that affect the breed as a whole.

In general, Silken Windhounds enjoy excellent health, and the International Silken Windhound Society takes a very aggressive approach to ensuring they remain in such good condition.

Every registered Silken has its DNA stored in a database as part of a genetic tracking study at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and vigorous promotion of genetic testing is done for illnesses that are known to afflict the breed.

One of these genetic defects in the breed is known as “Lotus syndrome,” which is thought to be the canine analog of a human condition called “fetal akinesia deformation sequence,” or FADS.

Even while there is not yet a genetic test for Lotus syndrome, the fact that affected puppies do not live very long after birth means that this is mostly a subject of sadness for breeders rather than something that the common pet owner will have to cope with.

A reputable breeder will be able to detail the frequency with which these and other conditions are passed down via her dogs’ lines, assisting prospective puppy buyers in making an educated choice regarding the health risks their dog may face.

Breeders take great care to check their breeding dogs for hereditary disorders and breed only the healthiest and most beautiful specimens.

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However, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, and despite the breeder’s best efforts, their puppies still get one of these conditions. Because of developments in veterinary science, there is a good chance that dogs can still have happy and healthy life.

If you are acquiring a puppy, you should inquire with the breeder about the ages of the dogs in their lines and the causes of death in which they passed away.

Keep in mind that once you’ve brought a new puppy into your home, you can shield him from one of the most prevalent health issues, which is obesity.

One of the simplest things that can be done to lengthen the life of a Silken Windhound is to ensure that he maintains a healthy weight. Utilize your preventative skills to their full potential to ensure a healthier life for your dog.

Grooming Your Silken Windhound

The gorgeous, silky locks of the Silken Windhound give the impression that they are more difficult to keep than they actually are.

silken windhound

You should give him a light shampoo bath every eight to twelve weeks and a quick brush with a slicker brush a few times a week to prevent tangles from developing.

The remaining care is fundamental. Nails should be trimmed as necessary, typically once a month. For optimal oral and general health, it is important to use a pet toothpaste that has been cleared for use by a veterinarian regularly.

Perform a weekly inspection of the ears to look for signs of infection, such as dirt, redness, or a foul odor. If the ears appear to be filthy, clean them using a cotton ball dipped in a mild ear cleanser with a balanced pH.

When your Silken Windhound puppy is still very small, you should start grooming him so that he can learn to tolerate grooming with patience when he gets older.

Care Of Silken Windhound

Brushing the teeth of Silken Windhounds regularly should be recommended by a veterinarian.

It is important to examine their ears and paw pads for any symptoms of infection, parasites, or dirt and to keep those areas clean.

Nails should be cut as needed to avoid getting caught on things and breaking them.

The nails need to be trimmed about once every month to stay in good form. Visit your veterinarian consistently to ensure that your Silken Windhound enjoys excellent health.

Feeding Silken Windhound

A diet for a Silken Windhound dog should be designed for a breed of dog that is of a medium to large size and has moderate to high requirements for both energy and exercise.

silken windhound

It is highly recommended that you get the guidance of a qualified nutritionist or a veterinarian before deciding what kinds of foods to give your Silken Windhound and how much of each food to give them.

As they mature from puppies into adults and senior citizens, their food requirements will shift accordingly. Maintain a high level of vigilance over these nutritional requirements.

Other Animals And Children With Silken Windhound

Silken Windhounds are highly sociable and get along well with all household members, including children and other animals.

On the other hand, they could get anxious when they are with or in the presence of children who get extremely excited or make sudden, loud noises.

Playtime with children should always be supervised when dogs of any breed are present, and children should be instructed on the appropriate way to interact with animals so that accidents can be avoided.

To ensure that dogs are trained to have positive relationships with both people and other animals, socialization training should begin as soon as the puppies are born.

Silken Windhounds have a prey drive that can cause them to hunt small creatures, but in general, they are kind to other pets in the household. This is, as a result, they are aware of their predation drive.



Questions People Also Ask: (FAQs)


Which Types Of Dogs Go Into The Making Of A Silken Windhound?

These friendly canines trace their ancestry back to the larger Borzoi, the Whippet with the shorter coat and a little bit of Sheltie, but they are now considered to be a breed unto itself.

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Is The Silken Windhound A Real Breed?

The “D” litter, born in 1985, is considered the beginning of the Silken Windhound breed. 1998 saw the establishment of the Yahoo Windhounds list and the official adoption of the name Silken Windhound. The International Silken Windhound Society was established in 1999 and is responsible for the upkeep of all silken Windhound pedigrees and DNA-verified registrations.

Are Silken Windhounds Nice Pets?

Silken Windhounds are known to be friendly and active, making them ideal canine companions for households with children.

They are not effective guard dogs because of their friendly nature, but they are simple to housebreak and may be taught to coexist peacefully with other animals commonly found in homes. Agility, therapy, flyball, and obedience are among the activities that Silkens particularly like.

Are Silken Windhounds Known To Be Loving Pets?

The Silken Windhound is a breed of dog known for being friendly, active, and eager to please its owners. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are devoted to their families, even those with young children and other animals. Their tendency to show affection makes them subpar watchdogs.

Do Silken Windhounds Bark A Lot?

Do Silken Windhounds bark a lot? Because of these dogs’ social and well-meaning nature, they do not have the impulse to bark at anyone or everything that moves because they are naturally friendly. However, Silken Windhounds are still considered hounds, and like other hounds, they may howl at you and occasionally bark as a kind of communication with you.

Is It Simple To Teach Silken Windhounds New Tricks?

The Silken Windhound is a breed of dog known for being friendly, active, and eager to please its owners. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are devoted to their families, even those with young children and other animals.

Do Silken Windhounds Require A Great Deal Of Physical Activity?

The Silken Windhound is a simple dog to train, but because it tends to have a lot of energy, it needs to be exercised daily, preferably in the form of a long walk or run. The Silken Windhound is pleased to laze around the house and nap after completing its routine daily activity.

Are Silken Windhounds Good Pets For People Who Are First-Time Dog Owners?

Since this breed is eager to please its master, training a Silken Windhound doesn’t need much effort, even for first-time canine owners. However, the fact that this breed is a typical sighthound must be kept in mind at all times. Because of this, they may find that lengthy repetitions are tedious.

Are Silken Windhounds In Good Health?

Silken Windhounds are one of the few dog breeds that can be considered to be in a category all by themselves: exceptionally healthy.

The usual life expectancy of a Silken Windhound can easily extend into their mid-teens while encountering fewer health difficulties than are typically observed in their foundation breeds. This is because Silken Windhounds are more resistant to cancer and other diseases.

What Sets Both A Borzoi And A Silken Windhound Apart?

Borzoi was essential to the creation of the Silken Windhound breed, which was developed from them (as well as whippet lurchers and purebred whippets).

Silkens have a higher level of activity, are typically easier to teach, are exceptionally attentive and people-oriented, and are extremely affectionate. Borzoi is sleepier, quieter, more independent, and speedier.

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