“They Are Children, Not Dogs”: Stella Damasus Criticizes Parents Using Leashes on Kids

Stella Damasus Criticizes Parents Using Leashes on Kids

“They Are Children, Not Dogs”: Stella Damasus Criticizes Parents Using Leashes on Kids


Renowned Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus, has taken a stand against the practice of parents using leashes on their children.

In a passionate video shared on her Instagram page, the actress expressed her disapproval and emphasized that children should not be treated like animals.

Let’s delve into her insightful message and the importance of addressing children’s behavior in a more effective and compassionate manner.

Championing the Rights of Children

Stella Damasus, a mother of two, is known for her strong advocacy for children’s welfare. In her recent Instagram video, she urged parents to reconsider using leashes as a means of controlling their children’s behavior.

The actress firmly believes that no matter how challenging a child’s behavior may be, resorting to such methods is not the ideal solution.

Seeking Professional Guidance

Instead of resorting to restraining devices, Stella encourages parents to seek the assistance of professionals and therapists.

stella damasus criticizes parents using leashes on kids

By addressing the root causes of a child’s problematic behavior, parents can find more effective and compassionate ways to guide and nurture their children’s development. Seeking expert guidance ensures that children receive the necessary support for positive growth.

Taking a Stand Against Normalizing Leashes

Stella Damasus, with deep conviction, emphasizes that the practice of using leashes on children should not be normalized.

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She calls on society to recognize the importance of treating children with dignity and respect, acknowledging their fundamental rights as individuals. By raising awareness about this issue, the actress hopes to spark meaningful dialogue and inspire positive change.

Promoting Conscious Relationship Choices

In addition to her stance on child leashing, Stella Damasus has also shared valuable insights about relationships.

Drawing from her personal experiences, she advises women to take their time and carefully assess their prospective partners before rushing into marriage.

By paying attention to red flags and engaging in thorough evaluation, individuals can make informed decisions about their future.


Stella Damasus continues to be a powerful voice in advocating for children’s rights and promoting healthy relationship choices.

Her impassioned plea against the use of leashes on children serves as a reminder that every child deserves love, understanding, and proper guidance.

By embracing compassionate approaches and seeking professional help, parents can create nurturing environments where children thrive.

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