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Northumberland Family’s Cry: Teen’s Therapy Dog Lost Near River Tyne

teen's therapy dog lost near river tyne

Northumberland Family’s Heartfelt Plea: Teen’s Therapy Dog Missing Near River Tyne


The Inseparable Bond of Oliver and Bob, the Cockapoo

A Northumberland family has made a desperate appeal for the safe return of their son’s therapy dog that went missing along the serene banks of the River Tyne.

Cockapoo Bob, an essential pillar of support for 15-year-old Oliver Voysey, disappeared on the south side of the river at Corbridge on the morning of June 15.

Oliver, who faces challenges due to a birth-related brain injury and subsequent health issues, has built an inseparable bond with Bob over the past year.

The Voysey family from Riding Mill is yearning for Bob’s safe return, while Oliver, in particular, is devastated by the sudden absence of his companion.

teen's therapy dog lost near river tyne

Oliver Voysey: A Remarkable Teen with a Heart of Gold

A brave teenager, Oliver, despite his personal challenges, raised a whopping £178,000 for the Lake District Calvert Trust amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

His effort played a significant role in ensuring the survival of the charity. Following Bob’s disappearance, Oliver, with his mother Sarah, released a video plea on Facebook, urging for Bob’s safe return.

Oliver’s condition has noticeably deteriorated without Bob; the loss has impacted his eating, and sleeping habits, and has led to seizures.

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Bob: More than Just a Therapy Dog

Bob is currently in training to become a certified therapy dog. Despite being deaf, he can communicate with Oliver through sign language.

Oliver’s younger sister, Elizabeth, has also formed a strong bond with Bob, engaging in fun activities like playing fetch. “Bob, Oliver, and Elizabeth make a real team,” says mum Sarah.

teen's therapy dog lost near river tyne

Bob has been a soothing presence for the entire Voysey family, especially during a challenging year marked by Oliver’s deteriorating health and numerous hospital visits.

Search and Community Support: The Quest for Bob

In the aftermath of Bob’s disappearance, Sarah has spent nearly 15 hours each day searching for him. She has received assistance from community members and search teams from across the country, including a thermal drone donated by a Manchester resident, national search teams, and volunteer search dogs.

A Facebook group was set up to share information about Bob’s whereabouts, amassing over 800 members to date. Despite the overwhelming situation, the family finds solace in the unwavering community support.

The Unquantifiable Value of Happiness

For Sarah, getting Bob back would mean seeing her son Oliver joyful again, which she describes as “everything.” The family continues to hope and search for Bob, whose first birthday is on the coming Thursday.

In these trying times, they are reminded of the invaluable bond humans share with their pets and the irreplaceable joy they bring into their lives.

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