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Kelce Takes the Lead: The Hottest Dog Names of 2023 Unveiled

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Kelce Takes the Lead: The Hottest Dog Names of 2023 Unveiled


The Canine Naming Revolution: Kelce Dominates the Scene

Choosing the perfect name for your furry companion is an art, a task that pet parents handle with utmost care and consideration.

It’s a reflection of the bond they share, a tag that echoes through playful calls and affectionate moments.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pet nomenclature, Rover, the online pet care company, has conducted a survey that reveals a fascinating trend in dog names for 2023.

The Rise of Sports-Inspired Pet Names

In a surprising turn of events, sports-inspired names have stormed the charts, with a particular name taking the spotlight.

According to Rover’s survey, the top trending pet name of 2023 is none other than “Kelce,” experiencing a remarkable 135% surge in popularity. What’s the inspiration behind this surge? Let’s unravel the intriguing story.

Kelce: A Symphony of Fame, Sports, and Romance

The name “Kelce” isn’t just a random spike in the canine nomenclature. It’s intricately tied to the fame and charisma of Travis Kelce, a prominent player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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However, the plot thickens when you consider the recent romantic entanglements of Travis Kelce with none other than pop sensation Taylor Swift.

The Kelce brothers, Travis and Jason (the Eagles offensive lineman), have become symbols not just in the sports arena but also in the hearts of pet parents nationwide.

Their mom, Donna, a star in her own right, has further fueled the Kelce craze with her appearances in national ads and talk show segments.

The Full Playbook: Top Sports-Related Dog Names of 2023

Here’s a rundown of the sports-inspired dog names that have notched up significant increases in popularity in 2023:

  • Kelce: Up 135%
  • Celtic: Up 364%
  • Trae: Up 222%
  • Nikola: Up 147%
  • Dunn: Up 147%
  • Mariner: Up 131%
  • Eagles: Up 114%
  • Lamb: Up 119%
  • Fields: Up 97%

List by Rover

Beyond the Field: Athlete-Inspired Canine Monikers

The sports influence doesn’t stop with the gridiron. WNBA stars have made their mark on the canine kingdom with names like Stewy (inspired by Breanna Stewart) witnessing an 81% rise.

Brittney Griner’s last name is up by 47%, showing the broad impact of athletes on our furry friends’ identities.

Soccer Stars and Beyond: A Diverse Canine Naming Landscape

Despite the U.S. Women’s National Team’s early exit from the 2023 FIFA World Cup, soccer stars continue to inspire pet names.

Megan (after Megan Rapinoe) tops the list with a 33% increase this year. Other names like Lindsey, Crystal, Alyssa, Trinity, Sophia, and Julie have also seen a rise in popularity, showcasing the widespread influence of sports stars in the pet naming realm.

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Creative Canine Monikers: From Marvel to the Depths of the Sea

Pet parents are letting their creativity shine in 2023, with names inspired by the Marvel Universe’s Dr. Strange to the enchanting depths where Ariel gives her voice to Ursula.

The dog-naming landscape is as diverse as ever, reflecting the varied interests and inspirations of pet owners.

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For a comprehensive list of the top dog names of 2023 across all genres, visit The Dog People at Rover.

Rover: Most Popular Dog Names in the USA

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