A Complete Guide To The Lycan Shepherd Dog: Find Out All You Need To Know!

Lycan shepherd

A Complete Guide To The Lycan Shepherd Dog: Find Out All You Need To Know!



One particular dog breed is making waves in the world of hybridization. The Lycan Shepherd is an attempt to breed a new, more adaptable canine with a wolfish look that is both intelligent and loyal.

The process of creating this cross is still underway, and there is a great deal of uncertainty about the genetic makeup of this breed.

Let’s look at the history, pricing, temperament, and other variables that you should consider if you’re thinking about adding a Lycan Shepherd to your family, which may be more difficult than you think it will be.

  • Life expectancy: is 10 to 14 years 
  • Weight: is between 60 to 100 pounds (27 to 45 kg)
  • Height: is from 24-28 inches (61 to 71 cm)
  • Level of activity: is high


What Exactly Is A Lycan Shepherd?

The Lycan Shepherd is a novel hybrid dog bred from German Shepherd working lines and Blue Bay Shepherds with the long-term purpose of introducing other hybrid and northern dog breeds.

You could wonder why they are putting together what is essentially another crossbred.

When two breeds are mated, a hybrid is produced, which is frequently done with the goal of generating a new breed with desirable characteristics from its founding breeds.

So, what causes certain individuals to breed the Lycan Shepherd?

It aims to acquire the working drive, dedication, and trainability of the German Shepherd while keeping the wolfish look and brain-to-body ratio reached through the Blue Bay Shepherd.

The Lycan Shepherd combines the Blue Bay Shepherd and the Lycan Shepherd (a wolf hybrid without the nuisance of shyness, independence, or even aggression).

Before determining whether or not this dog breed is a good match for families, let’s look at the breeds that contributed to the genes of this hybrid and the history surrounding them.

the lycan shepherd

The Lycan Shepherd Breed History.

You’ll most likely know that the German Shepherd plays a significant role in this ensemble cast. The German Shepherd dog breed originated in Germany.

They are well-known for being dependable, intelligent, and tenacious in pursuing their goals.

These characteristics make them wonderful family pets since they will guard and protect their owners and children.

In the military, the German Shepherd has a lengthy history; throughout World War I and World War II, they were employed by the Germans as guard dogs and patrol dogs.

Even though Blue Bay Shepherds are supposed to be wolf-like hybrids, they are not expected to exhibit the shyness and hostility that other wolfdogs exhibit.

It’s important to note that the designer emphasizes that these dogs are no longer true wolf hybrids because the puppies for sale are not from the first few generations of crossbreeding.

The developer of this crossbreed is said to have put out a great deal of effort to keep the dogs from becoming aggressive through selective breeding and a small pool of puppy buyers (numbered puppies with certificates).

While the Blue Bay Shepherd is not known to be extremely violent, it would be difficult to track down because of the restricted supply and misunderstanding caused by some people erroneously claiming to have an American Blue Bay Shepherd in their possession.

Wolves, like dogs, are magnificent creatures. However, shyness can be so strongly ingrained in hybrids that they can snap or fight when they are threatened.

Fear may be the most common trigger in all dog breeds, but with wolfdogs, the underlying unfamiliarity with humans is the most concerning.

Socialization and conditioning can be quite beneficial, but genetics must not be overlooked.

Additionally, there may be legal ramifications if it is a high-content wolfdog depending on your state or country of residence.

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Because the Blue Bay Shepherd’s genetic blueprint incorporates different hybrids and Northern breeds,

depending on which breeds they are crossed within the breeding program, there may be types with thick coats and smaller and larger individuals.

Breeds that were employed in the development of the Lycan Shepherd

The Blue Bay Shepherds were the starting point for most dog breeds developed by crossing different breeds; in the case of Lycan Shepherds, the Blue Bay Shepherds were the starting point.

Slowly but steadily, the creators began to incorporate working German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois into their designs. Here’s everything that you have to know about these canine species.

blue bay shepherd

Using Blue Bay Shepherd as the Starting Point

Vicki Spencer, a breeder from Blue Bay, embarked on an ambitious mission when she started the Blue Bay Shepherd project.

She spent more than two decades in her house in Palm Bay, Florida, perfecting this kind of dog.

She used her wolfdogs as a starting point for developing a magnificent new breed that would help dispel the wolfdog stereotype.

Her goal was to create a wolf breed that retained the physical aspect of a wolf while eliminating the shyness and fearfulness that these animals were known for.

To accomplish this, she looked for working lines of European German Shepherds.

When she came across two GSDs with unique blue markings and smaller ears, she incorporated them into her wolfdog breeding program.

Spencer had to be very selective about the puppies she would breed because the wolfdogs she used for breeding were five generations removed from the wild animal.

She didn’t want her dogs to develop aggressive characteristics since she didn’t want them to be in danger.

the lycan shepherd

German Shepherds Were Used to Creating the Character.

The German Shepherd is the most well-known working breed globally, and for good reason.

These canines make excellent all-around service dogs, and they can perform every task that a service dog would normally undertake.

They are extraordinary, like police dogs, military dogs, detection and search-and-rescue canines, guide and Shepherd dogs, and more.

It is no surprise that the founders of the Lycan Shepherds sought to include a working GSD line in their new breed because they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Health problems are less common in working dog lines, and their high-drive disposition makes them strive at all costs to meet and exceed their owners’ expectations.

If you’re interested in learning more about the German Shepherds, you may read the complete GSD breed profile.

the belgian malinois,

The Belgian Malinois, the Driving Force.

However, even though the Belgian Malinois is smaller and lighter than the German Shepherd, their working ability is extremely similar.

These dogs are more athletic than other breeds, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting one, you’ve probably noticed how active and animated they are.

This breed can be active at all hours of the day, seven days a week. Malinois are highly energetic dogs who require a lot of daily activity to be fully happy.

The primary purpose of incorporating these canines into the Lycan Shepherd breed is to instill protective instincts in the animals.

Belgian Malinois are among the most effective protection dogs available. They are willing to go to any length to ensure the safety of their family and handlers.

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You can learn more about their temperament by reading this article titled Belgian Malinois Temperament (in French).


The History and Temperament of the Lycan Shepherd

Developing a new hybrid dog breed is extremely time-consuming and difficult.

As previously stated, the Lycan Shepherd is said to have the brain-to-body ratio of a wolf, which improves their intelligence and problem-solving abilities significantly.

Studies have revealed that dogs are significantly better at following human commands (whether spoken, pointed, or looked at).

In contrast, wolves have extremely poor problem-solving abilities in situations when human assistance is beneficial.

On the other hand, the wolf has various abilities that make them far superior to domesticated canines. Is the same true for working line dogs, on the other hand?

It’s difficult to say. There has never been a large-scale study that has completed results on this topic with comparable test groups.

It is unclear how much of the wolf’s intellect can be linked to the size of its brain and how much may be attributed to natural selection, nurture, and survival instincts.

While I applaud everyone attempting to improve existing breeds, I question whether or not this particular development is necessary to the canine world in its current form.

Is it really necessary for brachycephalic dog breeds to be bred to dogs with longer snouts to avoid all of the major respiratory troubles they have been experiencing? Definitely yes.

However, with breeds such as the Malinois, it is possible to attain the same goals as the Lycan Shepherd with equivalent results.

If, on the other hand, breeding proves to be a success, it has the potential to enhance the status of dogs in the working world.

But how does this affect you as an ordinary pet owner – are Lycan Shepherds ideal for families, or are they too aggressive?

  • According to a breeder’s YouTube channel, the temperament and trainability of the Lycan Shepherds are very promising in both temperament and trainability.
  • One of the contributing dog hybrids, the Blue Bay Shepherd, is now living among families with children, demonstrating that it is at the very least possible.
  • The Lycan Shepherd, like all wolfdogs (although this cross attempts to avoid using the word), is not a beginning breed and requires extensive socialization, training, and escape-proofing.

But how much do puppies from this highly sought-after hybrid breed cost, and how would you go about obtaining one if your family is a good match for one of these puppies?

lycan shepher

What Does It Cost To Own A Lycan Shepherd?

Lycan Shepherd puppies can be purchased for anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000.

Prices are constantly subject to change depending on geographic location, breed, and other factors determined by the breeder.

As a result, other uncommon breeds can easily cost more than what a Lycan pup will cost you, making it a reasonable investment on the lower end of the spectrum.

On purpose, prices are not displayed on the website’s home page.

There is less opportunity for price gauging, and it reduces the ability for other breeders to purposely lower prices with false Lycan Shepherds that are, in reality, merely similar-looking mixtures.

If you were to purchase one, you should ensure that the puppies have all of the proper health certificates and that you are purchasing a Lycan Shepherd puppy, not a German Shepherd puppy.

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Where Can I Find Lycan Shepherd Puppies for Purchase?

When a new breed is born, there are always a few generations that are not available to the public due to the features and appearance of the breed not having been fully developed at that time.

However, the Lycan Shepherd appears to be in the third generation. In answer to an inquiry from a potential buyer on social media, the breeder stated that he did not keep a list of available dogs.

Instead, he uses YouTube to notify potential buyers when the time has come to find homes for the puppies.

Keep an eye out for low-quality dog breeders that will try to take advantage of you by selling you a hybrid that lacks the characteristics of the Lycan Shepherd.

You should also be familiar with these types of breeds and working dogs before taking on this challenge.

Every decent breeder worth his salt should refrain from giving out high-maintenance dogs to novices, but you can never be too sure with breeders these days.


What is the Maximum Size of a Lycan Shepherd?

Because an official breed standard for the Lycan Shepherd has not yet been established, and because this cross has not yet been recognized by the AKC, there are only educated guesses.

Aside from that, weight and height can fluctuate regularly depending on where the breeders are taking the program.

Lycan Shepherds are about 24 to 28 inches (61 to 71cm) in height and weigh between 60 to 100 pounds (60 to 100kg) (27 to 45kg).

Nevertheless, there have been accounts of male Blue Bay Shepherds growing to be around 30 inches (76cm) tall to 120 pounds in weight (54kg).

Weight and height are mentioned much less frequently on the internet, with many sources leaning more towards the Malinois (which has the GSD height but is far more athletic and thus lighter).

According to what I’ve observed, these dogs gain weight and height due to their strong bone structure and wolf influence.

Conclusion: If you’re seeking a dog with the advantages of being a wolf and a dog, Lycan Shepherd puppies might be the perfect option for you.

To determine whether or not these hybrid dogs are the ideal pet for you, it’s vital to do some study into their background first.

The majority of the characteristics of wolves are present in them, and, given proper breeder selection, they are born without any aggressive issues or the need to escape their confinement to feel free, like wild animals would.

When determining where and how much your pup should cost, be sure to examine all aspects of owning this type of breed and what kind of disposition he will have – especially given the fact that there are several different types of dogs out there.





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