Ignored at Shelter, Unique Cat Finds Unconditional Love and New Home

Unique Cat Finds Unconditional Love and New Home

Ignored at Shelter, Unique Cat Finds Unconditional Love and New Home


Feline Attraction: Meeting Bean

Late one evening, Francisca Franken was scouring her local animal shelter’s website when a particular feline caught her attention.

An odd cat, with a flat face and a somewhat grumpy demeanor, her sad eyes tugged at Franken’s heartstrings.

“I saw her photo and instantly fell head over heels,” Franken confided. The amusing pictures were unlike anything she’d seen before, making her chuckle. Bean, as the cat was named, captured her curiosity.

The Unbelievable Interest in Bean

Unable to contain her enthusiasm, Franken immediately contacted the shelter to inquire about Bean’s availability. That night was restless as she eagerly awaited a response from the shelter. Their surprise at her interest in Bean, when she called back, was palpable.

unique cat finds unconditional love and new home

“An employee from the shelter called and asked me if I really wanted to adopt Bean because, surprisingly, no one had shown any interest in her before,” Franken explained. They even thought she might have made a mistake in her selection!

From Stray to Sought After

Prior to her shelter life, Bean was a stray in a trailer park, unfamiliar with affection and care. She was suffering from an eye infection among other health issues. But Franken was determined to transform Bean’s life.

“A shelter volunteer led me to her room, and what I saw was even more beautiful than I had imagined,” Franken recalls. Bean was small and insignificant with stubby legs, a short tail, and the most flattened face she’d ever seen. Overwhelmed with emotions, she began weeping upon entering Bean’s room.

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unique cat finds unconditional love and new home

New Home, New Life

Franken instantly decided to adopt Bean and the cat made sure to show her gratitude. “In the beginning, she was much more affectionate and would follow me everywhere,” says Franken.

But once Bean realized she didn’t need to keep up the act, she began showing her true colors. She stopped being overly cuddly and sweet, but Franken didn’t mind. She loved that Bean felt comfortable enough to be her authentic self.

Bean’s Favorite Delights

These days, Bean insists on sharing a bed with Franken every night and being in the same room as her at all times. Bean’s favorite thing in the world, besides her mom, is olives. She goes a little crazy if she smells olives or olive brine.

unique cat finds unconditional love and new home

Franken recounts an incident where Bean snatched an olive right out of her hand during a late-night snack and ran off to eat it under the sofa. As it turns out, isoprenoids, which are found in green olives and pimentos, are similar in composition to catnip.

unique cat finds unconditional love and new home


Thankfully, cats can consume olives in moderation, so Bean is occasionally rewarded with her favorite snack. And so, this grumpy-faced cat that no one wanted, has found a loving home and a true companion in Franken.

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