Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Difficult To Potty Train?

Border Collies

Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Difficult To Potty Train?


There are some breeds that are notoriously difficult to potty train, and it’s important to remember that the results of potty training will vary depending on the individual dog.

Read on to learn more about Dalmatians, Pekingese, Huskies, and Lhasa Apso.

After you learn about their particular temperaments and training requirements, you’ll be ready to start potty training your pup in no time.


Despite their small size, the Pekingese are among the hardest dog breeds to potty train.


Their high self-importance makes them difficult to housebreak and require frequent toilet breaks. Fortunately, the Pekingese is not beyond training.

Follow these tips to help your little dog overcome this issue! After your dog shows signs of readiness to go to the bathroom, take him to the designated spot outside.

When taking him outside, use the command “Go Potty!” to encourage him to go to the potty spot. Once you’ve taken him outside, be sure to praise him for his good behavior.

Another reason the Pekingese is the hardest dog breed to potty train is that they don’t like other dogs. Pekingese are not recommended for families with small children.

These dogs need a lot of attention and love. They’re also good companions for older children and seniors. However, they’re not for everyone.

If you’re looking for a companion who can make you laugh and be a part of your family, a Pekingese might be the best choice for you.

Pugs aren’t known for their potty training abilities. Although they’re very obedient and affectionate, they don’t always want to go to the potty when you leave the room.

Pugs also tend to have attachment problems, so it can be difficult to potty train them if they are attached to you. Pekingese are intelligent, independent dogs with a strong independent streak. They also tend to have selective hearing.


Potty training a Husky is relatively easy. Getting your dog used to the act of going to the bathroom requires a consistent routine, and it needs to be pleasant for him.

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Using an effective motivator is essential for your success. Huskies are notoriously fond of treats, and you may need to be extra patient if you have to use your fingernail clippers to nudge him to go.

Siberian Huskies are notoriously stubborn and intelligent. Unlike many other breeds, this breed is difficult to train because it’s hardwired to do what you want it to do.

The combination of a Husky and a German Shepherd makes this dog extremely smart and quick to pick up tricks. While the Siberian Husky may be stubborn at first, he’ll soon catch on and will learn quickly.

Training a Husky can be a challenge if you have a puppy that is older than 16 weeks. Older Huskies can take up to a year to fully potty train. Older Huskies may need help with this process, but they can still be potty trained if you are consistent and patient.

In some cases, you may need to take your puppy to the bathroom outside in public and teach it how to go inside at home. Red huskies, on the other hand, are usually mascots or working dogs.

Lhasa Apso

Although they are known for their independence and gentle nature, the Lhasa Apso can be notoriously difficult to potty train.

lhasa apso

This breed spends most of its life indoors, so it is best to teach them to eliminate in a specific area, such as its litter box or outside the door.

To help your Lhasa understand this behavior, consider teaching them to “speak” on command. It is crucial not to scold a Lhasa unless you catch it in the act.

If you notice an accident, clean it up as quickly as possible and out of sight. Physical punishments are counterproductive to your Lhasa training efforts.

Instead, say “bad boy/girl” in a soft, low voice, and frown. If your Lhasa has had an indoor accident, take him outside immediately.

If you are unable to catch him in the act, use a rolled-up newspaper only to hit yourself. The Lhasa Apso has a tendency to bark, and the only way to stop it is to eliminate it in controlled places.

Exposure to these places can be difficult for your Lhasa Apso, so it is important to be careful with the amount of stimulation you expose them to.

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The best way to end the barking problem is to praise your dog every time he does something right. It is also helpful to reinforce the “no” command.

Mini Schnauzers

When potty training Miniature Schnauzers, you will need to choose a specific place and give the dog a specific command.

mini schnauzers

These commands can be “go potty,” “hurry up,” “stinky poo,” or “pee pee.” After your dog learns a new command, go to the designated spot and praise it.

As long as the area is clean and accessible to your Mini Schnauzer, the process will be much easier. Mini Schnauzers can take several weeks to learn to go outside to eliminate.

When house training a Miniature Schnauzer puppy, it’s important to reward the behavior each time it succeeds. Praise your dog whenever it successfully potties, and repeat the same command word every time.

Consistency is key when potty training Miniature Schnauzers. Mini Schnauzers can be challenging to potty train because they are small and have high levels of anxiety hormones. This can result in destructive behavior and a hard time training Mini Schnauzers.

Miniature Schnauzers need to be trained with patience, but the rewards can be worth the effort. If your new Mini Schnauzer doesn’t like potty training commands, try introducing them to a training crate.

Standard Poodles

One of the main reasons poodles are the most difficult breeds to potty train is their tendency to go wherever they feel like going.

standard poodles

While some poodles go where it is obvious, others choose a more hidden location and can end up ruining electrical wires or carpets. The good news is that poodles can be trained. Here are some tips to help you potty train your poodle.

One of the main reasons why Standard Poodles are the hardest to potty train is that their fur is extremely sensitive to stress and can develop a tendency to bark at new objects and people.

Because of this, owners should train their dogs to stop barking before it becomes a habit. Standard Poodles tend to be very intelligent but are notorious for being aloof.

Despite their reputation, they are affectionate and friendly towards their owners and will be less distracted by other people. As with any breed, Standard Poodles can be difficult to potty train. Fortunately, there are some methods that make the task easier for you.

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The first step is to purchase a puppy from parents with good hip scores. The UK and US breed median for hips is Good. Next, you’ll need to consider the health of the breed.

Standard Poodles are known to be prone to hip dysplasia, a disorder of blood clotting that causes excessive bleeding.

Border Collies

Although the Border Collie may be one of the hardest breeds to potty train, it’s not impossible. A little patience is all it takes to teach a Border Collie to go potty outside.

border collies

The first step to potty training your Border Collie is to create a designated spot. This area should be away from paths and doors. Aside from a designated area, you can train your dog to use newspaper or puppy pads.

Watch for signs that your dog is ready to go potty outside, such as panting, sniffing, pacing, and a look of discomfort on its face. A Border Collie’s intelligence and natural herding instincts make them one of the easiest dog breeds to potty train.

While it takes a few weeks for a young Border Collie to become completely potty trained, an older Border Collie may take a year or longer. Ultimately, it is up to you whether your new dog is ready to potty train.

A Border Collie puppy is a smart, active, and athletic breed. Potty training your puppy is crucial for their healthy development.

This breed is very responsive to owner commands and will go in its designated spot when instructed. While border collies can be one of the hardest dog breeds to potty train, they are very easy to house train.

By taking the time to housetrain your pup at a young age, you can ensure that your dog has no accidents for months and years to come.

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