Joe Biden’s Dog Commander: From the White House to Ukraine?

Joe Biden's Dog Commander

Joe Biden’s Dog Commander: From the White House to Ukraine?


Ex-NATO Chief Suggests Deploying Commander to Ukraine Amid Secret Service Incidents

The recent playful banter surrounding Commander, President Joe Biden’s canine companion, has taken an unexpected turn as James Stavridis, former NATO supreme allied commander for Europe, humorously suggested deploying Commander to Ukraine.

This lighthearted quip comes in the wake of several biting incidents involving Secret Service agents. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of Commander and the humorous remark that has tongues wagging.

Commander’s Canine Capers

Commander, a spirited 2-year-old German Shepherd, has become a household name not just for his close association with the President but also for his propensity for playful nips.

The canine’s saga began with reports of a Secret Service agent’s unfortunate encounter with Commander, resulting in a bite that required medical attention. This incident marked the first of Commander’s exploits in the world of politics.

The White House Bite Club

As tales of Commander’s antics unfolded, it became evident that this furry friend had a penchant for keeping the Secret Service on their toes. In November 2022, another officer fell victim to Commander’s playful bite, leading to hospitalization.

Internal emails leaked in July revealed multiple instances of Commander’s interactions with Secret Service agents, showcasing what was humorously referred to as his “aggressive behavior.”

Major Matters

Commander isn’t the only Biden dog to make headlines. Major, his predecessor, was previously removed from the White House in 2021 due to a biting incident.

The Bidens decided that Major needed additional training to acclimate to the White House environment. This event highlights the challenges of being a First Dog in the political spotlight.

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Stavridis’ Doggone Joke

In a playful and light-hearted jest, James Stavridis proposed an unconventional solution to Commander’s playful tendencies. The former NATO chief humorously suggested that Commander, along with his “running mate,” Major, could be deployed to Ukraine.

While this suggestion is undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek, it serves as a reminder of the unique bond between presidents and their pets.

The Post-Presidential Canine Life

Recent reports confirm that Commander is no longer residing in the White House, and next steps are being considered. Meanwhile, Major underwent additional training to adapt to his life in the White House.

As these dogs transition out of the political limelight, they remind us that even First Dogs have their moments of mischief and mayhem.

The Instagram Defense

Commander’s Instagram account (@commanderfirstdog) recently posted a photo accompanied by a caption that playfully refuted the biting rumors.

In response, social media users defended Commander, attributing his behavior to the unique challenges of living in the White House environment. This defense highlights the empathy many have for these canine companions in the world of politics.

The Future of Commander

While the idea of Commander and Major’s deployment to Ukraine is undoubtedly a humorous one, it sheds light on the endearing presence of dogs in the White House.

As Commander embarks on his post-presidential journey, one thing is clear: this spirited German Shepherd has left paw prints on the pages of history.


In the midst of political discussions and international affairs, Commander’s playful antics remind us of the warmth and charm that dogs bring to the White House.

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While Stavridis’ suggestion of deploying Commander to Ukraine is a whimsical notion, it underscores the special place that First Dogs hold in the hearts of presidents and the public alike.

As Commander and Major venture into their post-political lives, they leave behind a legacy of wagging tails and White House memories.

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