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Dog’s Hilarious Reaction: The Daycare Doorbell Deception

dog's hilarious reaction

Dog’s Hilarious Reaction: The Daycare Doorbell Deception


The world of dogs is filled with amusing and heartwarming moments. In a recent viral video, a furry resident of a dog daycare facility, Dublin, had a hilarious reaction that left everyone laughing.

Dublin’s heartwarming yet comical response to the daycare doorbell has taken the internet by storm. Let’s dive into this delightful tale of anticipation and realization.

Dublin’s Daycare Dilemma:

Dublin, a regular at Camp Bow Wow in Troy, Michigan, had her own way of recognizing familiar sounds. In a heartwarming yet funny twist, Dublin associated the doorbell sound with the arrival of her beloved owners.

The video shared by @campbowwowtroy on TikTok captures this unforgettable moment. The caption explained that “frequent campers recognize the doorbell,” but Dublin’s excitement was met with a twist of fate. She had been “played out” and was all set to enjoy an “emotional support cookie” and hit the road.

Camp Bow Wow: Where the Magic Happens:

Camp Bow Wow, located in Troy, Michigan, is a haven for dogs. This boarding and daycare facility has been serving our furry friends since 2000, offering a blend of playtime and social interaction.

While pet parents are at work or enjoying a vacation, Camp Bow Wow ensures that their dogs have a wonderful time. Dublin, like many other dogs, spends her day at the facility, where a large TV screen in the room allows them to witness the arrivals of their owners in the reception area.

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The Video That Stole Hearts:

The video, viewed an astounding 14 million times, struck a chord with viewers worldwide. It led to an outpouring of reactions in the comments section.

Dublin’s amusing reaction prompted one viewer to compare it to a scene from “The Office,” while another pondered humorously, “Why is she literate?” Of course, Dublin wasn’t reading but had made an adorable connection between the doorbell and her owners’ arrival.

Understanding Dublin’s Reaction:

Dublin’s response is a classic example of classical conditioning. Dogs often associate sounds with specific events or emotions.

In Dublin’s case, the doorbell had become a sign of her owners’ arrival, filling her with excitement. This heartwarming episode left many viewers recalling similar relatable moments in their lives.


Dublin’s adorable reaction to the daycare doorbell not only entertained but also reminded us of the unspoken bond between dogs and their owners. It’s a reminder that even the simplest sounds can hold a world of meaning for our furry friends.

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