North Canterbury Hunting Competition Reinstates Feral Cat Killing Section

North Canterbury Hunting Competition Reinstates Feral Cat Killing Section

North Canterbury Hunting Competition Reinstates Feral Cat Killing Section


The North Canterbury Hunting Competition has reinstated its feral cat killing section, despite facing criticism from animal rights advocates.

After initially scrapping the section due to global backlash, the competition has now reintroduced it with new rules.

The revised regulations allow only adults to participate, whereas previously, children aged 14 and under were permitted. The decision has reignited the debate surrounding feral cat control. Let’s delve into the details!

Controversial Reinstatement

The North Canterbury Hunting Competition made headlines when it initially removed the feral cat killing section following widespread outrage. However, it has now brought it back with additional guidelines.

Participants are instructed to hunt feral cats using box traps and only dispatch them with a minimum of a .22 rifle. The competition organizers emphasize that hunting should occur at least 10km away from residential or lifestyle block areas.

They emphasize the importance of adhering to humane and efficient practices and advise against killing if there is any doubt.

Animal Rights Advocates’ Concerns

Animal rights group SAFE has expressed concerns about the reinstated feral cat killing section. They argue that there is still a risk of pet cats being mistakenly targeted and killed.

SAFE suggests alternative strategies for protecting native wildlife, such as mandatory desexing, registration, and microchipping of domestic cats.

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The organization calls for increased funding for cat rescue and adoption programs, highlighting the need for a compassionate and practical approach.

north canterbury hunting competition reinstates feral cat killing section

Global Attention and Opposition

The North Canterbury Hunting Competition gained international attention in April, provoking outrage and criticism. UK comedian Ricky Gervais even joined the conversation, mocking the competition.

In response to the reinstatement, local charity Christchurch Animal Save has announced plans to protest the event, scheduled for this weekend.

The controversy surrounding the competition reflects the ongoing debate regarding the most effective and humane methods of feral cat control.


The North Canterbury Hunting Competition’s decision to reinstate the feral cat killing section has sparked fresh debate and drawn attention from animal rights advocates.

While the competition organizers have introduced new guidelines to ensure humane practices, concerns remain regarding the potential harm to pet cats and the effectiveness of such measures in addressing feral cat populations.

As the controversy continues, it underscores the importance of finding balanced approaches to wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

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