Norwich Terrier Dog Breed: All You Should Know About Life Of This Wonderful Dog Breed

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed: All You Should Know About Life This Of Wonderful Dog Breed




The Norwich Terrier is a friendly and inquisitive dog that gets its name from the city of Norwich, which is located in England.

The Norwich Terrier is a breed of dog that is known for being friendly and cuddly despite its small size (it only stands 10 inches tall).

This breed is also known for being courageous and appearing fearless when hunting vermin such as rats.

Norwich Terrier’s Personality Traits

Companionship with people is the one thing that the Norwich Terrier values above all else in life.

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

This little puppy gets its energy from the love and attention of its owner or family, and in return, it will shower you with affection and be devoted to you for many years to come.

This fearless breed has a little snark to go along with its fearless demeanor, making it a terrific option for many different kinds of homes.

Affection Level High
Friendliness Medium
Kid-Friendly High
Pet-Friendly Medium
Exercise Needs Medium
Playfulness High
Energy Level Medium
Trainability High
Intelligence High
Tendency to Bark High
Amount of Shedding Medium

Norwich Terrier Overview

  • Great family dogs
  • Useful rodent hunters
  • High trainability
  • Tend to shed
  • Require regular grooming

The origin And Development Of The Norwich Terrier

The Norwich Terrier was initially bred as one of the many varieties of terriers that were designed to help control Britain’s rodent population.

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

However, in addition to their skills as “ratter” dogs, the Norwich Terriers were also called upon to serve on foxhunts. Today, the Norwich Terrier is recognized as a distinct breed in its own right.

They were also bred to have a friendlier and more outgoing personality than the average terrier, which has a reputation for being more independent.

The pricked-up ear form of Norwich is another one of its distinguishing physical characteristics.

There is speculation that the Norwich Terrier is a product of breeding between little Irish Terriers and other kinds of short-legged terriers.

These tenacious little dogs, who were formerly known as Cantab Terriers, proved their worth on the hunt, in the stable yard, and at home, where they made for active and jovial members of the family as well as fun-loving pets.

The Norwich is one of the tiniest of the working terriers, but despite its size, it is both robust and stocky, which served the breed well when it had to pursue game through narrow passageways.

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There is a long-standing and well-known connection between the Norwich Terrier and Cambridge University. The ownership of these specific canines became something of a trend among undergraduates in the 1870s and 1880s.

This trend lasted for about a decade. Because the students purchased the dogs from a livery stable located on nearby Trumpington Street to use them as cuddly pets as well as dorm-room ratters, the breed eventually became known as “Trumpington Terriers.”

It is thought that one of these dogs, whose name was Rags, made its way into the custody of a stableyard owner who lived in the town of Norwich.

Rags, the dog that eventually gave birth to the Norwich Terrier, was bred and is now considered the grandpa of that breed.

Winky, a Norwich Terrier who was featured in the movie Best in Show and was played by a real-life show champion, is a more modern example of a “famous” Norwich Terrier.

In 1914, a British man by the name of Frank “Roughrider” Jones produced a dog by the name of Willum from descendants of Rags. This event marked the beginning of the history of the breed in the United States. Willum was shipped to Philadelphia, where he established the foundation for the breed’s success in the United States.

Even after the breed was formally recognized by the English and American kennel clubs in the 1920s as the Norwich Terrier, the dog became known as the Jones Terrier by breed devotees in the United States.

This occurred even though the breed was originally known as the Norwich Terrier. Before 1923, when a breed standard was finally approved by the English Kennel Club, there wasn’t a lot of consistency within the breed as a whole.

The Norwich and Norfolk terriers were such close relatives throughout the years that the American Kennel Club (AKC) did not even recognize them as distinct breeds until the year 1979. Up until that point, the name referred to both the drop-eared and the prick-eared types of the animal.

Norwich Terrier Care

In general, the Norwich Terrier is a cheerful and jovial dog that is devoted and caring toward its owner.

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed

They are versatile, and curious, and make excellent family companions due to these qualities.

They are not very aggressive with other animals, but they do need to be properly educated and trained to fully develop their friendly and outgoing personality. They are only somewhat sociable toward other pets.

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Both their mental and physical health depend on them getting a sufficient amount of exercise, and Norwich Terriers have an exceptionally high requirement for this.

Because it will be difficult for them to suppress their natural want to chase small animals, they must be given ample opportunity to play in a yard that is enclosed by fencing.

Additionally, they should be kept on a leash at all times when going on walks.


They have a hard outer coat that is almost completely waterproof, and a soft undercoat that protects their little bodies from extremes of temperature.

Norwich Terriers have a double coat that consists of both of these layers. It should go without saying that this breed will require consistent grooming.

The older outer hairs and the superfluous undercoat need to be removed during the hand-stripping process to provide room for the growth of new hair.

This allows the wire coat to maintain its gorgeous shine and deep coloration when it is cared for the right way. Because clipping or scissoring removes the colored tips, the natural color of their coat will become less vibrant, and the texture will become smoother.

Learning how to hand-strip a Norwich Terrier, or finding a groomer who is willing to do so, should be one of the first considerations of anyone thinking about buying one.


As a breed, Norwich Terriers are typically eager to please their owners and react well to training as a result of their high levels of spirit.

Norwich Terrier Dog Breed: All You Should Know About Life Of This Wonderful Dog Breed

These dogs are also successful in a variety of performance and companion events, such as obedience, agility, and earth dog competitions.

General Health Issues

The Norwich Terrier is a generally healthy breed, but there is some evidence that they may be predisposed to certain health problems.

These problems include hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, epilepsy, and upper airway syndrome, which is a respiratory condition that, sadly, is not well understood.

1 Due to the fact that dogs of this breed are especially prone to accumulating plaque and tartar, it is imperative that they have regular dental treatment.

Diet And Nutrition

The Norwich Terrier does well when given high-quality commercial dog food or food that is manufactured at home (under the guidance of a veterinarian).

There should always be access to water that is free of contaminants and fresh.

In order to minimize weight gain and the health problems that can come along with it, treats should only be given in moderation, as is the case with all dog breeds, and their nutrition should be closely monitored.

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Where To Find And Get A Norwich Terrier To Adopt Or Buy

Check the animal shelters and rescue organizations in your area to see if there are any Norwich Terriers that are in need of a permanent place to call home.

You may discover that contacting national rescue organizations like the Norwich Terrier Club of America, for example, can be a great source of information in your search for a new companion animal.

You might also look via the AKC Marketplace for reliable breeders in your neighborhood who have Norwich Terrier puppies for sale.




Questions People Also Ask: (FAQs)


Are Norwich Terriers Aggressive?

The Norwich Terrier is not typically thought of as an aggressive breed due to its sociable personality, which has earned them widespread acclaim.

They are not very possessive of their territory and will readily accept new visitors, regardless of whether they are human or animal.

Are Norwich Terriers Suitable As Pets For Those Who Live In Apartments?

Because of their small stature, Norwich Terriers are often a good choice for people who live in apartments or other compact spaces.

Having said that, they are not a breed that is known for its laziness. It is crucial to make sure that they get daily activity, whether it be a stroll around the neighborhood or a visit to the dog park. This is true even if you live in a limited space.

Are Norwich Terriers Suitable Pets For Families?

The answer is yes; Norwich Terriers are widely regarded as a superb alternative for families, including those households that are home to young children.

It is thought that the breed is both playful and kind and that it will get along well with children of any age as well as other pets, including cats, in most cases.




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